So, baby woowaa has not graced us with his presence just yet I am, however, going to be heading to the delivery room in about an hour and my obstetrician is going to start things off. That should mean he’ll … read more


Small Crawl Attempt

Tummy Time

Saturday marks the day that Tristan has been with us for five months.   FIVE MONTHS! How on earth has that come around so quickly? We’re having such a great time too  I’m not saying he hasn’t been a challenge…. … read more

Ex pat


Happy New Year

It’s officially the first of January 2013 in both Australia and the UK now.   We spent last night at a friend’s house, drinking water and non-alcoholic punch, nibbling on cheddar cheese and chocolate and relaxing.   This is probably one of Matt’s … read more


Easter Baby

Happy Easter!

  Here’s the new Easter bunny.  He’s 12 weeks old and totally rocks!  He is grabbing things, burbling away ( at various pitches), smiling like a little trooper and getting bigger and bigger every day.  He now ways 5kgs (11pounds … read more