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Happy New Year

It’s officially the first of January 2013 in both Australia and the UK now.   We spent last night at a friend’s house, drinking water and non-alcoholic punch, nibbling on cheddar cheese and chocolate and relaxing.   This is probably one of Matt’s … read more


Breast Feeding

On Breast Feeding

1) Every baby ( and every mother for that matter) is different. When your little one is born, he or she has to work with you to learn how to feed. For some this comes quicker than others. For Twisty … read more


Matt delivers Tristan to me :)

Our Birth Story

The back story Giving birth. It is a truly personal thing. It is a beautiful, awe-inspiring, spiritual moment in a family’s life.  When pregnant, I longed for information about labour and the birthing process.  To begin with, birth seemed pretty scary. … read more


The kids and their kids..

Blimey We Were in Blighty!

For those of you who don’t already know,  Matt, Tristan and I had to head back to the UK about 3 weeks ago.  Matt’s Mum wasn’t very well and so we downed tools, booked a flight at 11am Sat and … read more