Catching up and Keeping On

I’ve already posted some photographs on here to give a hint as to what the (almost) last 12 months has held in store for us as a little family. I’ve also said how sorry I am, to myself, for not posting in the time I’ve been absent. There have been some amazing, defining moments over that time that really ought to have been recorded here – along with every other milestone our little family has experienced. From big Twisty Milestones like: 16 Months Old – Taking a Stroll to him, more recently, becoming a Budding Musician: Of course, Twisty is not the only thing we’ve been working on recently. He’s probably the most exciting thing though I published a second book and went back to work one morning a week but our family does take up the vast majority of…

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Merry Christmas!

The boxes were unpacked in record time and the tree,  tinsel and baubles were all put out just in time.  We’ve moved away from Searange and into our new address.  Matt, his mate and a trailer…  It took a while but we got there in the end!  Moving house, with a small beasty, is very interesting!  Thank goodness for friends taking him out for a walk so I could unpack!  Everyone is nicely settled now and the cats have been allowed out too.  Hendrix was out no more than 5 minutes when he discovered a lizard to snack on :/ The big story, I guess, is Christmas though!  Tristan’s first encounter with the man in the red suit went quite well.  He was a little wary of the big beard with eyes but eventually was cool with it, as long…


Christmas is Coming!

We’re getting closer to Tristan’s first Christmas (and first birthday for that matter). Here we are at this year’s Christmas Pageant. This is the first time Tristan has seen Santa. He’s still not sure who he is or why he’s important… but he’ll learn He did really well. Falling asleep after about 8 floats and waking up again 4 floats before Santa.

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Month 7 – Father’s Day, Granddad’s, Ceiling Fans and Standing

Month number seven for Tristan was very cool.  He got to celebrate his very first Father’s Day.  We took Dad out for lunch and bought him a card and whittling kit.  (That was a clever join anniversary (wooden) and Father’s Day pressie).   Matt had told me stories about how he enjoyed hanging out with his dad making things from bits of wood with a knife. I don’t get it, but I respect it enough to imagine him doing the same thing with Twisty one day!  Perhaps not in the very near future though please.  A toddler and a knife sharp enough to cut wood… i don’t think so! It also turned out that this month was going to see the last course of Mums and Bubs Yoga that we would attend.  You can only go until your child is…


Wow what a few months it's been!

So I haven’t blogged on here for a fair while.  Things have been crazy with a capital CRAZY over the past few month.  2013 has certainly been a tricksy one! So much has happened and each thing really deserves it’s own post. I just hope I get enough time to post on each one! Things like, Ray Visiting, Going through our citizenship ceremony, Tristan’s first tooth and his continuously developing fabulousness, us having to move house and, of course, the sad passing of my Mother in Law, Gaynor.  Told you it has all been CRAZY…. I’ve managed to move to a new home on a new server too.  So, now, at least, I can start to write again.  Stay tuned! I haven’t forgotten the blog. Honestly!

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In my basinet on the way to England!  Hold on Bunny!

Travelling Across the World with a 6 Month Old.

So, You’re thinking that you might take a long haul somewhere nice. How does that go with a baby? Well, Tristan coped surprisingly well with the whole thing. He enjoyed his bassinet and was quite happy with the idea of sitting with Mummy and Daddy for 20 hours and being he center of attention. There were no movies for us and, to be honest, there was VERY little sleeping either but he didn’t cry out or make a fuss so it was ok. Getting There We flew out with Singapore Airlines and back with Emirates. Both were great. The had different features to consider when it came to babies but the staff on both airlines were great. Here’s a break down of what to expect: Singapore Airlines A comfy bassinet and a blanket was provided for Tristan. We weren’t offered…

The kids and their kids..

Blimey We Were in Blighty!

For those of you who don’t already know,  Matt, Tristan and I had to head back to the UK about 3 weeks ago.  Matt’s Mum wasn’t very well and so we downed tools, booked a flight at 11am Sat and were in the UK by Monday morning.  Crazy.  No planning, just throw things in a suitcase and get going. We are incredibly blessed to have amazing friends here in Adelaide who made us dinner, helped us pack, dropped us to the airport and took care of the house and business premises whilst we were away.  We were also lucky that our friend Darren had space for the furry children (with about an hours notice I might add!).  I had also decided to apply for Tristan’s passports and they both had arrived about 3 days before (phew!). The reason that I…

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Breast Feeding

On Breast Feeding

1) Every baby ( and every mother for that matter) is different. When your little one is born, he or she has to work with you to learn how to feed. For some this comes quicker than others. For Twisty it came after I stopped caring about how the midwives were attaching him to me and I let him latch on to me himself. I let him snuffle around, skin to skin until he worked it out. It was easier after that. I could never emulate what the midwives were doing when they shoved him onto me. By all means, ask for advice but if it feels weird or wrong, do what feels instinctive regardless. This is between you and your baby and no one else. 2) Before Tristan came along I had questions like: How long should he feed?…

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