Be You Bravely - MOPs 2015

Being Brave in 2015

That video was the theme for MOPS in 2015. ¬† At the end of that year four women were asked to talk about their journey with bravery. ¬† I was one of them. ¬†That surprised me a lot. ¬†Before I was asked I didn’t consider myself to be very brave. ¬†2015 had not felt like a year in which I had felt all the things I used to associate the term brave. ¬†Then I thought for a little bit and I eventually challenged myself to actually be brave and share the following story. ¬†I share it here because this blog is my personal weblog. ¬†It has contained reflections for different parts of my life for many years. ¬†What I write below was part of that journey. ¬†I wasn’t very good at writing very ‘truthfully’ last year. In fact I didn’t…

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Snow Day, family shot

Snow Day 2015

So, today I think we may have started a new tradition. ¬† Snow Day. ¬†When we lived in the UK a snow day was a day off work (for me anyway). ¬†Here it’s an entire day where we pretend it’s really cold, snowy and ‘christmassy’ just like on those cards we see in the shops all the time. ¬†You see, Tristan kept telling me When it snows we can decorate our santa tree! Obviously, what with us living in Adelaide now, there is really ZERO chance of that happening. ¬†So, Matt and I had an idea… ¬†We have had an awesome day. ¬†Big thanks go to whoever thought of the “Snowplay” option at the Adelaide Ice Arena. ¬†FABULOUS WORK! ¬†We had a ball! ūüôā

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Take ‘Self’ Care

I have been learning some valuable lessons recently. ¬†Lessons about myself, my time and my priorities. ¬†Ironically, I think i had learnt these lessons a few years ago but then my life changed, I became a mum, time passed and I seem to have forgotten them all over again. These lessons have been helping me to understand how my brain works and why sometimes, I allow myself to act on the thoughts it sends me without a second glance at how those thoughts might be impacting upon me. ¬†You see, I have a habit of responding to every single thought, in a long line of thoughts, without considering what I need for me. For example, last week, instead of doing my exercises (the ones I’ve been given my a physio because my lower back is so tight my pelvis is…

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Happy 16th (sic) Birthday Dad

Dad spent his birthday fixing a lawnmower… ¬†He discovered that the reason it had been wobbling was because it only had one bolt holding the engine to the chassis… this is ride on mower.. lol. ¬†Parents are interesting creatures… but I guess he was happy tinkering in his shed and Twisty was very happy to help Grandad “fix it” too. ūüėČ We timed our visit because we wanted to say Happy Birthday to the folks. ¬†The one’s who turn 60 this year. ¬† I was kind of hoping for a party… ¬†may be we should organise an Aussie style, impromptu BBQ and invite relatives? ¬†you just call someone and say the BBQ will be on at X you’re bringing X and then everyone turns up with part of the menus… you eat, you drink you are merry ūüôā Here are…

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Toddler on a Plane – and it was all ok – maybe even a bit fun… ;)

We survived! We made it… ¬†We’re in Blighty. ¬†Last night, at Dad’s birthday dinner I felt like I had drunk half a bottle of wine even though I had consumed no alcohol what so ever – mean… ¬†Jet lag is fun. ¬†We made it though. … ¬†We took at 2.5 year old dude and sat him in a chair for 24 hours and we were all OK. ¬†In fact there were moments where things were quite fun… – there were also moments where we were all OVER IT – but not because of anyone’s behaviour – just because that’s a long flipping way for anyone!! We dropped the cats off at the cattery. ¬†Twisty was VERY excited that they were in the car and kept telling a whinging Henny that he would be ok. lol ¬†But… when we drove off…



NB: ¬†This¬†post is being written whilst my body is full of hormones a couple of¬†steroids¬†and some coffee ( why? ). ¬†It may not make as much sense to you¬†as it does to me… I’m writing it This was the theme from this week’s MOPS. ¬†All mothers understand how hard the idea of rest can seem when juggling family life. ¬†To be honest though, I think I had a problem with rest long before I became a mother and a wife. My career has been a massive part of my life for so long. ¬†At one point, if I’m honest, it was pretty much WAS my life. ¬†Teaching does that to you. It seeps into everything you say, do and are. ¬†I’ve always had to get better at saying the all important two letter word “NO” to things. ¬†Interestingly, I…

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Family Photo Time

With my work on Reflect Growth, I’ve been lucky enough to network with a whole heap of new people. ¬†I’ve also discovered the spirit of sharing and support from other startup businesses in our area. ¬† Hannah Grant (Captura Photography), approached me a while ago to see if we could do some link sharing from Teacher Technologies to her photography site. ¬†No… not some dodgy spammy, comments with links stuff… Some fabulous exchange of service stuff. ¬†She offered her services as a photographer if I offered to use her pictures and link back to her. How I could refuse… Have you seen her work? ¬†Beautiful! ¬†So, on the 20th of April, when i ran our inaugural professional development session for Reflect Growth i invited Hannah along. ¬†As you can see, Matt was also part of the day and so, that…


The Long Down Regulation.

Woah.. It’s been 8 weeks since I posted anything! ooops. No excuses, let’s get to it! The biggest thing that’s been happening in our lives over the last few months is the next round of IVF. As you may (or may not) know, we used up all 4 of our embryos from the first round of IVF. Tristan was the only one who stuck around. We’re incredibly grateful for him… sooooo lucky but i did promise him a brother or sister in exchange for milk so we’ve got to get things sorted. Over the last two months I’ve been poked, prodded and scanned. Our Dr was a little surprised that we only had one success with our little frozen pals and surprised us when she suggested that we investigate further. There were two possibilities for them not working. Something was…

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