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On Modern Cloth Nappies

I have a couple of pals who are about to have new babies in their lives (Very exciting!) They have watched Tristan and I using Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) and have begun to get curious.  I wrote to them with all the details of what I used and where I bought it all from.  The info in that email might be useful to other mums who are considering following the MCN pathway so, i thought i’d share it here. Let me just say that MCNs are excellent and I’ve not had a single regret about using them.  They’re not hard work, they’re not messy and gross and you don’t need to soak them in buckets of water. You just shove them in the washing machine and hang them out to dry.   With the current cost of nappies  we paid for…

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Teddy Biscuit Please

So you know, from the posts about Twisty’s birthday and Christmas that we’ve had a visitor with us for a little while. Shelly stayed with us for 3 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period and we had lots of fun teaching her a little bit about the Australian way of life. I think she was pleasantly surprised about what she found here. In fact, you could even say she was a ‘bit excited’ to discover that it had more to offer than she first thought.  She’d mentioned before that she likes to visit countries with different languages and cultures and so Australia wasn’t on her list of “Places to visit”. The funny thing is, as I think she discovered, Australia does have a very different culture to the UK. It has many languages and faces. Just because the…


Twisty 2.0

I cant quite believe it either. Two. Yep… Two years old. Half way to Kindergarten already! How on earth did that happen?! Its been such an amazing 2 years as well. We really are the luckiest parents ever. Twisty has been completely spoiled over the last few weeks. I guess that’s what happens when you have a birthday so close to Christmas. As well as all the fabulous toys he has floating around after Christmas, he now has a mini (pirate themed) trampoline, a balance bike and a slide with the option to attach a hose pipe to make a water slide. We had a relatively quiet day. After the bush fires and ridiculously hot weather we decided to stay around home. We invited his mate Alex (and his lovely parents) over for lunch. We had a BBQ, sang happy…


Christmas – Family Traditions

It’s great. This year Twisty is far more interested in this sparkly thing called “Christmas”. Every where we go we see “spark-er-ly” trees and lights and, thanks to some Christmas card crafts, he is now very clear about what a reindeer is and what a santa is. “Santa Christmas”, as he’s currently known to us, arrived during the Christmas Pageant and has been in his Magic Cave ever since. We took Twisty to see him on Saturday and it was great fun. To be honest, he was probably more impressed with the horses on the carousel but he had a lot of fun! Merry Christmas – Riding the Horsies at the Magic Cave from Selena Woodward on Vimeo. Christmas is a funny time when you’re an expat. I don’t’ mean because it’s hot here and we’re used to rain (yes…