☼ ♫ Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

In the Autumn Time! ♫ ☼

We went down to the beach this afternoon.  I made sure that we were well prepared with two camping chairs, icey water, reading books (Still battling with Capricornia… I have no idea how they made “Australia” the film out of it.) and money for iced coffee and cake.  Matt pulled a face ( as he usually) does when he saw me get all of this stuff together.  Especially when he saw me pack a light and now very old, purple table cloth and 4 pegs.  I was going to make a den using the two camping chairs.  That way if it got to hot we could sit underneath it in glorious comfort!!  Yay!

When we got closer to the beach however, we realised that today was definately not the day for experimenting with old table cloths and pegs.  It was very, very windy down there on the shore line.  We did stick it out for half and hour to an hour and we even had a coffee (although not an iced one) from our usual evening haunt,  The Jetty Cafe .  Eventually we realised that swimming was out, reading a book was out and so being at the beach was probably a bit pointless…  It was hilarious watching Matt chase down the beach and dive into the sand twice to catch flying objects before they were lost forever. First he ran and dived into the sand after his lovely, highly prized, straw hat and then, when the wind opened up his book and the money he had stashed in there (???!!!??) blew off down the beach, he had to do it all again.  That man can run when there’s $10 at stake! 😉

(On a side note Span… He found an exact copy of “The Stand” in an old bookshop Friday and is now happily continuing the epic from whence he left it!)

Relaxing whilst a fictional world crumbles with some kind of virus... lol

So… after a small debate we returned home and set up in the garden.  I’m sat on my £20 sainsbury’s steamer chair now with Hen and Stan’s frieght box between me and Matt’s £20 Sainsbury’s steamer chair. It’s covered in the purple table cloth that was going to make up my den and Stan keeps hiding in it.  At least someone got to play dens.. 😉

1.. 2... oh! 3!

This week hasn’t been all that eventful. I guess life is returning to normal and so things have slowed down a bit.  That’s good I think ! 🙂  Stan and Hen are continuing to settle in.  I mean.. How many kitties can you see in this picture?  They’re still at the – ” I’ll sit near you and look at your sideways but if you move suddenly I’m off”  stage.  At least they’re making some Aussie kittie friends. He lives next door with 2 female siamesie looking kitties (who hate Hen and Stan) so they can only meet to share their male stories of woe in our garden.  Poor love!

We have, after much searching, found ourselves a COSTCO replacement though 🙂 A place in which you can bulk buy chocolate (and loo rolls etc 😉 ) It’s right behind the airport and has been there all this time.  One of Matt’s colleagues told him about it. You have to have an ABN (Australian Business Number) or prove that you work for a non-proft organisation – like teaching or somesuch – and then you get FREE membership.  It’s not as exciting as COSTCO and it’s a bit smaller but we can bulk buy kitty food and washing powder and make similar saving to before.  Unfortunately, there’s no cafe in which to purchase bargain jacket potatoes or giant tasty pizza but it’ll do until the actual COSTCO makes it a bit further south than Melbourne.

CAAAATTT FLAAAAAP ( read in stylee of John)

One very exciting purchase that we made this week solved Hen and Stan’s problems of access to the house and my problem with a very smelly litter tray.  A very clever company who also happen to have the most awesome name make patio door catflaps which are secure and require absolutly no amendments to other people’s (or your own if you’re not renting) property! It’s ingenius and the boys now have their own cat flap! 🙂 It just sits inside the frame of your open patio door and locks itself into position.  You can then close your existing sliding door up to it and Bob’s your monkry’s uncle! Ta da!

As a result of this ingenious device we actually didn’t get woken up until way after 9am!!!  Yay!  However… we got woken up by Henny (as usual) who had discovered our bedroom window was open and had chosen this as an even more effective method of getting brekkie than standing outside our closed bedroom door.  He also seems a little afraid of coming back inside for some reason.  We’ve shoved him in and out but he keeps crying at the back door instead! Fool! Ah well he’ll get used it eventually. At the moment, he sleeping where he usually does next to the big rosemary plant at the bottom of the garden.  He always comes in smelling like Sunday roast now! (I hope Matt doesn’t eat him…..)


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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    So the wind kept you off the beach. Poor you! Sorry, that sounds sarcastic; actually I’m just jealous! Will book a table at the Jetty for next August – it looks fab!

  2. kitt 10 years ago

    It looks like cat heaven over there …. comfy chairs …. a new cat flap and a place to get out of the sun with table cloth!!!! Whats for tea guys? Not Gekko again!!!


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