10,000 Pounds is all it takes….

So, we got tarted up. Span sporting a simple leather mini, fishnet stockings, black top, dark make-up and high heels. Me wearing a cream mini, fishnet stockings which stopped just before the hem (ooh er), a short black vest top, pearls (fake – but £8.50!!! 8.50!!! stupid me) and a choker with a cross. (I looked a little like a Madonna throw back)

Feeling self-conscious we decided to cover ourselves with a long black coat. LOF then announced that we’d be walking to the train station.. Mmmmmm Strolling through my old school’s catchment area dressed as a whore… LMAO.
Thankfully LOM drove us to the station. (well by the chippy at the station) and after being wolf-whistled and stared at as we walked down the Bristol road at 5:30 in our full regalia we eventually met the rest of the gang on the train.

It’s Bogus’ birthday on Monday you see so the Rocky Horror show had to coincide with his celebrations. This meant the obligatory visit to the Golden Pond. (There eyes popped out when I stood up to go the loo half way through the meal and had no choice but to flash my thighs…) LOL.

However, once we left the restaurant and got closer to the Alexandra theatre Span said ” I never thought I’d feel underdressed” Laughing, looking around we could see several men wearing stockings, suspenders, garters, basks and wigs. One of them turned around and said ” i don’t know how you women do it! ” and promptly complained about the lack of room in his very tight briefs.

This was my second visit to the Horror show, the last being when I was 18 in 1998. I am interested to see if Span blogs about the show as I’m wondering whether or not her experience was the same as mine back then. It’s such a culture shock you see. When you’re used to going to see musicals, in silence, in the dark, quietly. It’s shock when you hear people shouting “Arsehole” and “slut” every time a certain pair of characters’ names are mentioned. lol

It was a cracking night and as usual the audience were the people who made it that extra bit special. Russ Abbott of all people was the narrator and I have to say he was brilliant. Not as good as Parsons obviously but he certainly held his own as the crowd cajoled him. Several funny moments:

And crawling on the planet’s face
Some insects called the human race…
Lost in time

Audience member:
What’s your favourite TV show mate?

(Pause – the look on his face says it all)

lost in space


It were as if she were riding a giant

Audience member:

tidal wave.


interestingly it was Suzzane Shaw who played the part of Janet and to be fair to her she did a cracking job. It must be really hard to keep a straight face when you’re performing TRHS. Especially when it gets personal.

Janet: (looking on the screens to see if she can find Brad.)
It all just seems to be empty rooms

Audience member:
and old Hear’say auditions!

She definately wasn’t expecting that one poor love!

All in all it was cracking night and I really enjoyed myself.

As we know Richard O’Brien gave up being Riff Raff so it was different without him, and they’d toned it down a little bit by putting in those little screens and removing the Jason Donovan condom silhouettes.
It was really cool at the end though when we got a reprise of The Time warp and Mr O’Brien came on with his guitar.

Full respect to all those audience members who had the props (bells, cards, toilet rolls, water pistols and words of wisdom) which always makes it extra special.
Oh and if you’d love to be one check this out… the script!

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