Highland Toffee and Astro!

Fly me to the moon!

Here’s me and my mate. I’m calling him Astro… He’s one of about 5 Astronauts that I’ve seen in the city for the Fringe. I get very excited about them. There’s two in Victoria square (that’s Astro and his girlfriend). There’s one on top of the town hall, one on a radio station’s wall (he has binoculars and is spying on you… yes you) and i think there’s another one on King William street too. All very fun!

I have done more than chase inflatable giant astronauts this week though. Of course.  I’ve been working at the college this week.  One of those days involved my having to remember how to knit, the other involved me entertaining a class of students because I was the only one in the city and, as a non-permanent member of staff, i don’t have a key to the campus.  Thank goodness that Adelaide has so many free places to visit.  We did the tour of the city on the free city loop bus (Which bus is free?  The 99c! No ticket!) and then I walked them around the botanical gardens telling them the names of things and pointing out kookaburras.  We were all exhausted by lunchtime!  Was good fun though 🙂

I’ve also been meeting with various people on behalf of Teacher Tech, which is now an official registered business (with a certificate and everything).  Training is slowly starting to pick up which is good.  I’ve just submitted my overview for my “invited speaker” slot at the CEGSA conference and I’m hoping to go for dinner next week with Stephen Heppall and CEGSA.

Hendrix has continued to take advantage of the rockery snack bar.  Which is how he sees the frontgarden.  He’s eaten 5 geckos now. *sigh* he can’t carry birds through the window you see (it’s to high up) but a gecko is easy enough to transport. Stan continues to be sleepy and cute doing his chilled out Stan thing 🙂

I found a sweet shop this week too.  A sweet shop with actual British sweets (and walkers crisps)  Prices are a little high though.  I did get excited when i saw the following two food items.

Highland Toffee! Save those pennies!


It’s very important that I can still spend my money on these items.  They remind me of cold, dark autumnal evenings in Webheath where Span and I would scrape together all our coppers (mostly donated by either Nan or Dad’s sock draw) and walk to the post office for a 5p Highland Toffee ( I believe they are nearly 15p now! That’s inflation!).  Such items were contraband in Span’s house you see so this was very, very, exciting.  Of course we then got older and moved onto the hard stuff… mint creams which have to be eaten in a very specific manner.  Not sure if I want to spend 10 dollars for 4 of them though…  we’ll see how desperate I get. 😉


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