12 Months and Time to Pack Up Already

Flinders Rules Ruler

I do enjoy this joke. Make me giggle every time I draw a straight line.

12 months ago I started my new job as a teletubby…. ICTPO (ICT Pedagogical Officer) at Flinders University, Adelaide.  It was all part of an elaborate government plan to research, explore and re-train those who worked with pre-service teachers.  There was a need to look at the role of ICT in the new classrooms of Australia. A world which would soon have (for the first time EVER) its own Australian Curriculum and National Professional Standards for Teachers.  But… as always, there was funding for one full year… not more…. and it’s not enough.. we know that.. but its all we had… Something is better than nothing right?

I’ve learnt so much in 12 months about the psyche of the Aussie (or probably more accurately South Aussie) teaching world and its professional beginnings.  I’ve even had it argued that there’s no way that teaching could possibly be considered a profession!!!  That both makes that one exam I failed first time at uni (on what made teaching a profession) a failure itself and also makes us consider the need for professional standards… but ANYWAY! 😉

I’ve learnt that the perspective we have trained into us as teacher from England is something that the Aussie teachers are just about to get their head around.  We don’t have the think about what we’re teaching in the same way. The invention of the Long Term, Short Term and Medium Term plan…. the observations of peers… the evidencing of standards… ALL very new and kind of exciting!

Packing up the Office

Packing up the Office – no belly bulge at all.. all in your head it is

Name on the DoorAll of those documents are now starting to be made official and we as the teletubby ICTPOs have to walk away 🙁  I get to come back next semester (in about 6 weeks) as a part-time lecturer/instructor so that’s great! I will miss my little office space though and my sparkly name on my sparkly door… but I’ll have more time to wander around the state spreading the word… The word of TPACK, of NPSfT, of AUS Curric, … and you thought we had acronyms to kill each other over in the UK! 😉 Lets see if I can keep spreading the TTF, ICTPO message!

Oh yeah… and I suppose I’ll be spending a little bit of time building this little super hero in my belly. 😉







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