$s and Gardening

Go on now... mow that dust!

Today started with a consulation of the bank balance.  You see for the last 2 months we’ve been living off the savings we managed to acrue before we left. I’ve made about $1ooo in Feb (lol) and we’re waiting for Matt’s first pay cheque in about a week before we can start to relax and erm… well spend money.  It’s a bank holiday here this weekend and it’s Womadelaide to so questions needed to be raised about how we would entertain ourselves.  Of course, it’s $90 for an evening ticket for Womadelaide… too expensive… 🙁  So what will we do instead?

It turns out that we’re still waiting for funds to clear from one of the invoices I’ve sent in and so we have about $800 in the bank (that’s better than the $300 we had in there the other day).  The thing is our rent is due on friday… it’s $900 odd dollars! lol  Now we’re not worried. Not at all the invoice I’m waiting to clear is for $1500 and then Matt will get paid a couple of days later and all will return to normal.  It’s just, well you can’t really go and spend money when you don’t have any to spend.

"I don't know Stan...I'll investigate.. you sleep."

Since we moved in we haven’t been able to do a thing with the garden.  We’re in charge of maintaining it but, you see we don’t have the money to purchase a lawn mower, spade, fork etc. Not until pay day.  It is however, something that is bugging me.  I hate it when a garden looks horrible and I know the more I have to leave it the harder work it’s going to be when we can afford that mower and tools!  We were in the garden this morning, talking to the kitties and seeing what they were up to when we heard the Aussie equivalent of a “coooeee!” from next door and we were invited round the back.  We’d have been offered tea but we were already standing in the garden with a cup of tea when they “cooeee”‘d us so we just took it with us.

Now, next door have a beautiful garden and, it turns out, 3 cats (two of which are oriental – they look siameseish;)  ) and they are very friendly people.  We chatted about work, houses, furniture arrivals etc.  I complimented them on their garden and made mention of how I was dying to get a lawnmower and some tools and get ours started.  I also mentioned that there were things growing that I didn’t recognise and that I’d have to ask them round to point out what was what.  At this point an offer was made to borrow the lawnmower.  Before we left, amusingly, Matt was given the full run down on how to operate the petrol mower and the safety goggles and earprotection were passed on.  It’s all amusing so far because I think Matt has probably only ever mown the lawn twice in his entire life! 😉  I love doing it too much! lol Then spades and forks were lent.  The result was that were able to tidy up the garden a bit and I didn’t need to spend any money.

Spray the water!! Spray and roll!

When our lovely neighbour came around with the tools he took a look at our “Lawn” and declared it “drier than a well diggers arse” (there’s a new Aussie Idiom for you) and promptly returned with the Pope GXII.  No… we didn’t need prayers… the Pope GXIII in fact a kick ass sprinkler that walks along the length of your hose at a leisurely pace.  We were expecting rain but I was told to put in on anyway… it needs a good soaking (mum’ll love this guy).  I then pointed at a few things like a weird vine thingy that appeared a week ago and is growing at an usually speedy pace.  I was told that that was a pumpkin plant of somekind and that i need to cross pollinate it (! exciting!!!) and that those dried up things there that I also need to water are potatoe plants…. (ooo arrr yes!) and that other thing that is rapidly trying to stranlge the rosemary plant is a cucumber plant!  OOOHHH FOOOD!  The tomatoe plants have, i’m afriadm, withered a bit…. erm.. .well they’re pretty much dead.

To be honest I’m surprised that anything survives out there.  We’ve had little or no rain for 2 months.  It rained properly for the first time today – Ironically about 5 minutes after I’d turned on the Pope GXII. There are strict water restrictions that state I’m only allowed to water, with a hose and hose gun and only for 4 hours a week between 6pm and 10pm.  I mentioned this to my neighbour who told me that it wasn’t our fault we didn’t have water… it was the governments and so in the back… he runs a sprinkler everynight and so should I.  LOL.  Love it!

So.  We’ve been gardening today and got very dusty 😉 and it cost absolutly nothing! YAY!


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