To prevent myself from going completely mad I spent $279 on a Casio keyboard. There was a time when you would struggle to get me away from my last one (the one I donated to the British Heart Foundation just before we left) but once I got a job and a career that didn’t involve music it got shoved in the attic, lost and forgotten. Now I seem to have 12 hours a day to kill and so I’ve got a new, shiny silver one which plugs into the computer via USB! Ooohh. It’s cheap but it does the job and I hope to be able to play lots of lovely classical piano pieces so that I can earn my right to an electronic baby grand πŸ˜‰ Need to find a house with a room big enough though πŸ˜‰

I’m not updating this as much at the moment. The travelling around has stopped and so the new and exciting bit is becoming the familiar and normal. I guess in one way that’s good. In another it’s dull. There isn’t really anything in Australia which makes me think I have to stay here and that I can’t possible have this life in the U.K. That’s good news for some too πŸ˜‰
It looks like we’ll be flying back into England before December 15th as that’s when one of LOF’S mates is getting married and he wants to be there. We’ll probably aim to be home a few days before.. It’s still early days yet but it may mean that I need to have a chat to Span and LOM πŸ™‚

The only vaguely exciting thing to happen so far this week was the moment our neighbours garage (or shed as they call it here) was on fire and I called the fire men. They sent two engines and 10 men and all that had happened was that the daft bloke had been charging a battery for something (i assume a car/bike) and it had started to catch on fire. He had a boat and all sorts next to it and smoke was bellowing out of the side of his house. LOF was banging on the door to see if anyone was in and we didn’t get a response. Never mind. I did tell the fire brigade that he had it under control with his hose but, quite rightly, they wanted to come out and check it all was o.k. You’d think he’d be happy to have such conscientious neighbours who look out for him but, just as LOF went out on his bike this evening, I overheard him talking to his next door neighbour winging about the whole thing. Ah well. I’d still do the same thing again. I reckon he’s just a bit embarrassed! I would be!

Our letter box was jammed today with brochures from wedding locations in the U.K. You fill in one online form! My god! They’ve spent some money to send them out. One even had heart shaped confetti in it. Lovely. The engagement cards seem to have stopped now so I guess it’s time to take them down and keep them somewhere safe for the future. I may have to send Mum and Span out on a mission to some of these places. Mum can take her camera – On second thoughts I don’t want to put the people off from letting us use their venue. “Can you just stand there… that’s it.”
She can be scary with a NIKON! I have reminded SPAN that as chief bridesmaid it is her job to clam down the mother! πŸ˜‰ LMAO!

I’ll leave you with tonight’s sunset.. Have a great Wednesday! πŸ™‚

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  1. gaynor 13 years ago

    Nice to think you will be home for xmas, but will see you before that (hopefully). I guess life is much the same not matter where you hang your hat, but its your family and friends that love you that is home isnt it. Mostly I speak to you both more frequently than ever now, which is nice and, guess you will both be busy arranging your wedding when you get back,if your mom hasnt already done it all (she will enjoy that, have fun Terina) gosh I hope I spelt that correctly it looks wrong. Speak tonight sorry I missed your call things are a bit hectic at home at the moment just enjoy your time there while you can. lots of love to you both mom xxx


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