20 days to go…

So I’ve told the kids… well most of them anyway.  I  made special arrangements for two of my ‘special’ students to be told first and alone by me.  I was hoping they’d be ok. One said “Oh!” and the other said “Ok Madame… I’m fine”.  The razor drawing student I mentioned before said “Right… so your basically abandoning us then? Again! Well that’s just great… it’s all going alright and now you’re going to mess it up.  Thanks” I have assured him that he will be well looked after.  Another girl shouted “No! Don’t do this to me again.. you did that to me in Year 7! How could you!” My initial thought was ‘but you’re in Year 10 now! God that makes me feel old.’ I was also told by another girl that she just couldn’t speak to me anymore….

I’ve told ‘razor boy’ that he’s welcome to visit any time and that my husband will be waiting with a frying pan. ( he told me the other day that he’d had a fictional fight with LOF involving hitting him on the head with a frying pan – I asked him how he’d had to jump to reach his head…)

Inevitably though, time is running racing towards the 27th and I still have plenty to do. I’m supposed to be helping Matt sort out that massive box of  ‘personal documents’ and so I’m typing this in between scanning docs.

We’ve even started to say farewell and so long to a few lovelies including LOF’s dad.  We had a lovely day with him on Saturday and stuffed our faces with what will probably be my last cream tea in a while. Stratford is still lovely, even in the rain and cold.  It is strange saying goodbye knowing that you won’t see people for months.  I guess I have to remind myself that it’s not as if I’ll never see them again and then move the sadness into a box marked For when you’re looking at the sea and remembering why you’re here.  I’m off to see Collette again on Friday and she’s doing a fabulous job of making sure that I keep going in a managable manner!

We’re nearly completely organised so it’s not as if we need to be stressed.  We’ve been finalising all the packing this weekend.  I have discovered that I can still fit all of my clothes into one suitcase. Unfortunately though, it ways over 45KGs if I do clothes; as my allowance is only 20KG that means some work!  Three boxes.  That’s how many extra cartons we’re sending at the end of the week.  Two of them will be vacuum packed jumpers, coats and dressing gowns.  We’ll see it again in March time when we still won’t need them! 😉

For now, I’ve been enjoying the fact that I have been allowed to escape to Fawkes and get annoyed with Bella, Edward and that weasel Jacob (J. I’ve decided I don’t like him now… no one tells someone that if they don’t want them to come back they’ll just go get killed by a vampire in order to black mail someone into loving them and gets my approval!) Reading, escaping, worrying about a fictional character.  I can handle that 🙂  bath bombs are also on my list for this weekend…   RELAX and then SLEEP in-between visiting more people to say goodbye 🙁

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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Little E is considering hitting you both over the head with a frying pan, so that you don’t go. However, that would mean we won’t have our big adventure, so I’ll substitute the frying pan with a pillow.
    MC (and LE) xx


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