Not in Kansas anymore

In the last few days, for the first time since we arrived (nearly 2 years ago now), I’ve felt a little pang of homesickness.  As it gets warmer and we begin to venture out into the wide world I miss the friends that I want to hang out with.  I have a couple of wonderful friends here who I can call on – I haven’t spent the last two years avoiding civilisation completely – but that doesn’t stop my brain planning things that me and X,Y and Z could do, only to realise that X.Y ans Z are not here.

At this time of year,  there are usually people about to arrive at our home. People to share our wonderful Adelaide shores with. That’s not happening, at all, this year and that feels a little strange. There are no big plans at all. Obviously, we caught up with everyone only a few months ago at various weddings and so flying back to the U.K.,or them flying out here is a little much to expect and I don’t expect it… it’s just strange not having a date pinned on when I’ll see people again. There’s always been an event to plan for. The lack of a date like target, makes it feel like the gap has widened somehow.. Not sure how… I guess it has to eventually, that’s life.

It’s just strange that it has taken so long for my brain to react this way! I’ll get over it! 😉 Perhaps that is in part due to the fact that all the strange, awkward and sometimes horrible events that have happened since we’ve arrived here.  The trials and tribulations of both nearly and actually losing family and friends, of stressful workplaces that have had to be left, of bit career decisions or medical situations etc. … they’re all calming down a bit.. Perhaps we’ve finally got some time to relax?  Hopefully, that will mean we can moved forward even further on our journey.

This new life is still growing and developing and with each decision made comes new discoveries about the place we now call home and the people in it.  Sometimes the differences between where I’ve come from and where I have arrived are so subtle that it takes a while for them to come out.. then you have to work out how to get your head around them.  The deeper you go, the more you learn – it’s still an adventure.

I’m “not  in Kansas anymore Toto”.

Oh yeah!  Happy Meowloween!





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  1. Frenchtoast 8 years ago

    Good evening, editor here. Just the one correction this month. “that will mean we can moved forward even further on” is grammatically a shambles. However, that’s not my main concern. I several tips for suicide. This is my best though:
    1. Dig a hole in your garden, fill it full of water, get in and then throw the powered lawn mower in. If the electricity doesnt kill you then the blades will shred you to bits.
    If you dont fancy suicide then get your bloody asses back over so I can go drinking with my brother in law….

    • Author
      Anonymous 8 years ago

      Well “French Toast”…. Thanks for your feedback! lol. We all make grammatical errors you know. I have to say that suicide of any kind is defiantly not on the cards… You most defiantly wouldn’t be able to have a beer with your brother in law if we took one of your “I several tips for suicide.” (Missed a verb there ;P) !

      But, it’s good to know that someone still reads the blog!! So thanks for commenting 🙂


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