Eggs Benedict?

It’s been just over a week now since the IVF cycle started. I’ve been injecting myself in the belly every night between 9 and 10pm.  I started the second lot of medication 3 days ago.  The second injection stings a bit but an ice pack before and after I’ve given it to myself seems to calm it down a lot.  I’ve even been back to the clinic to have a scan. (Not a very dignified experience!).  I was hoping, perhaps naively, that after the scan they’d tell me to stop taking the drugs and tell me when my surgery is.

I’m feeling quite swollen and bloaty now.  Apparently I have 13 follicles on each side and each one of them is currently about 13 mm in size.  They all need to grow to around 2cms.  So, that will be 13, 2cm, follicles on either side of me… It feels very strange.  I’ve never been so aware of my internal organs!  I can actually feel them.  They ache and they feel heavy.  I’ve been joking about how I almost feel a little like I need an internal bra to support them as I move about.  My walk has certainly got slower!

Those of us who’ve experienced period pain will be familiar with the kind of ache I’m getting.  It’s a bit like when you really need a wee and your bladder’s pushed to aching point.  Except I can’t have a wee ad relieve the pressure.  I have to wait for my collection date.  I’ve also got to drink 3 litres of water a day so I do need to rush to the loo frequently! lol

It’ll be interesting to see how this feeling of bloaty, tightness compares to the early stages of pregnancy.  As it is I currently feel like a hen swinging around several eggs. I’ve explained to Matt that makes him a cock (lol) he asked me whether he was supposed to wander around me in circles clucking. 😉

Side effects wise I’ve been really lucky.  I honestly haven’t had to put up with much.  I’ve had one headache and i feel a bit fuzzy headed sometimes but other than that I’m fine.  I haven’t turned into an evil, mood swinging monster yet nor have I felt like bursting into tears for no apparent reason.  It’s all good.  Just heavy especially for the hour or so after my injection.  I can see why they tell you to do it at night – I can just sleep it off.

I think the key for me was to be OK with the fact that I was putting these medications into my body.  That having headache, a swollen belly, or a fuzzy head was OK and not a reason to panic or down tools for the day!  Sounds silly but this feels like a massive thing and so putting a bit of context around it and calming myself down helps!! lol

Unfortunately, after the scan they decided that I’m not “cooked”  and so they upped my medication and sent me away again until tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning I have to do the whole internal scan thing again.. hoping that they will be a bit bigger this time. Hopefully, tomorrow they’ll tell me when the surgery might be.  In the meantime, I’ll keep working on the tatoo of needle holes around my belly button.  I’m going for a smiley.  Well… I might as well have some fun whilst I’m at it!


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  1. N8Girl 8 years ago

    I was thinking yesterday that I could do with a stomach bra, is this a gap we have spotted in the market? Internal and External bras for things other than boobies? Think on… 🙂

  2. Author
    Anonymous 8 years ago

    We really do need to get on Skype!


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