Yorkie Puds, Sunshine and Fringes

Yorkshire Pudding of Yumminess

This week I perfected my home made yorkshire puddings, realised that temperatures over 35 degrees don’t bother me anymore, caught up with an ex- colleague from Shenley for a brief “hello” in my home turf and enjoyed the beach, at night, when the temperature dropped to around the mid 30s.

Pudding and Meat!? *&^?

I have to share this image of my Yorkshire with you because I’m rather proud of it!  Most of my Aussie mates here find the idea of a Yorkshire pudding confusing to say the least.  Firstly, there’s the word “pudding” to deal with…  To an Aussie a pudding is a very specific thing… it’s a Christmas Pudding or something simliar.  It’s not used  here to describe any generic dish that is served after the main, it’s a very specific type of desert.  I’ve told people I’ll bring “pudding” when I’ve gone for dinner and they’ve been very confused when they’ve received a “desert” in it’s place (silly Aussies!).  So, when I say Yorkshire pudding to a native of this fair land they’re already, instantly confused.  I’ve been asked things like:

“It goes on your plate? WITH the main course? What, next to your meat and everything? Why would you do that? You don’t put pudding on the same plate as your mains.. do you?”,

“Do they call it just ‘pudding’ in Yorkshire then?”

Needless to say, you don’t get Aunt Bessies Yorkshires in your local supermarket… if you did, you’d find them next to the steamed puddings…  and so… I had to learn to make it all from scratch (or pay for some chemically, additive driven powder form a shop which imports ‘british’ fair).  I hadn’t had a Yorky for ages (pudding, not choccy!) and was very pleased with the tasty ‘little’ attempt in the lasagna dish above!


(excuse the smiley leaves..)

such a shame... 😉

Matt, paddling at sunset 🙂 Lucky us!

It’s been between 35 and 42 every days for at least three days in a row.  Now, normally, under such extreme heat conditions you’d find me lying on the wooden floor, directly under air-con. Strangely, after two years here, I don’t seem to even get close to needing to do that anymore.  I used to genuinely feel quite sick when i got too hot.  Maybe I’ve learnt to change my behaviour or maybe my body is used to the heat now but I have been coping rather well with the hot, hot weather.  I can still drink coffee on a 38 degree day… a real achievement for the girl who loves snow and snuggling with a duvet doonah on a -5 day 🙂

Fringing it at the Fringe Parade

On Friday I heard tell that a travelling ex-colleague of mine was in my new home town!  After several Facebook messages back and forth we managed a quick “hello” whilst waiting for the Adelaide Fringe to start.  Those who are curious can rest assured that VB (no, not the drink..) is looking well and very much enjoying all that Australia has to offer 🙂

She certainly timed her visit well.  The Adelaide Fringe is second only to a little affair that goes on in Edinburgh. A massive celebration of the arts: music, drama, dance, writing, comedy – if you can classify it as art then it’s on show in Adelaide right now and the opening parade is always awesome.

Not only is it an opportunity for all the sponsors and performers to let us know what they have to offer it’s also the only day of the year where you will see purple giraffes, a space rocket (with aliens), Kermit the frog on a bike and countless other strange and wonderful creatures all strolling down King William Street.  This year the festivities were punctuated with a light show and fireworks. Melbourne South Bank style, King William Street was lit with exploding fireballs.  Of course, we’re Adelaide so we try to go one better… they added fireworks and pumping tunes to the mix – a recipe for a good time which ended in a pub down the road. Caz and I were so sensationally beautiful that a drunk 50 year old man tried to crack  onto us AND we had our picture taken by the pub photographer for their Facebook page….  (see the left)

It was nice to go out, be silly and have a bit of a laugh 🙂

oh.. did I mention that I also grew a pair this week and went to my very first, proper choir rehearsal in years!  The first concert is at Easter time at Elder Hall 🙂 I very much hope to be in the front row as one of the fab. first sopranos.  It’s be a very long time but it was so good to sing again!  New Years resolutions?  On it!




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  1. MummyCow 7 years ago

    You grew a pair? A pair of shoes? 🙂

    • Author
      mochinbach 7 years ago

      Actually i purchased TWO pairs of lovely shoes this very weekend! 😉
      Not a very feminine phrase was it? lol 


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