25 Weeks Today!

We’ve just purchased a pushchair thingy!  We went with a MiniJogger GT in the end.  You can buy accessories for it but it’s actually really simple to use.  As soon as we told the sales assistant that we needed a pushchair thingo that was:
  • Suitable from birth but would last a few years
  • Could be used on the beach, off road, walking along fields etc
  • Could be folded up small so it would go in the boot (on an airplane)
  • Was light enough for me to throw around my head dramatically
She pointed us straight at the Mini GT. Apparently it has rubber tyres which are hard wearing and don’t puncture like the ones on things like moutain buggies etc. and it’s really light!  It has suspension and potential spinny wheels for normal use as well as a set wheel for ‘off roading’ (lol).  The hood is awesome and when bubs is tiny he won’t be get touched by the sun.  When it reclines (to almost completely flat) it has a bit of material you can roll up to reveal a fly screened, massive ventilation panel which will be perfect for when it’s HOT HOT HOT!

She told us not to bother with the bassinet accessory bit as she reckons they’re not well ventilated and as he’s going to be born in the height of summer he’ll overheat.  Instead she recommended we get a pram liner with a head support and then he can have all the ventilation 🙂
Thank you very much Grandad Ray who paid for Emrys new wheels! 🙂 He’s chosen the shadow and Bamboo colour so that if he has a little sister in the future she can ride in it too and not feel too boyish.  He also didn’t want it in total black as black has a habit of absorbing heat.. not good when you’re little and get say the word “hot”.  I guess that’s why it’s ‘shadow’ rather than black!!
We’ve also got ourselves a car seat – it goes from 0 – 4 years so it’ll last for ages! woot!  We went with  the Safe and Sound “Compaq”.  It’ll last ages and does all the things that a good car seat should to make police men happy and babies safe 🙂 We’re having an apple green one.

Nappies!- Charlie Banana Cloth nappies

The nursery's coming together

The nursery’s coming together

I think we’re pretty much done with the big things now 🙂 phew.  Just lots of tiny things to get instead 🙂 I’ll be having a baby shower in November so I guess I should leave a lot of that to my guests! 🙂 yay!  The nursery still awaiting it’s wall stickers from the US.  (Orders from across the pond seem to take forever to get to us) The cot’s in (thanks Nanny and Grandad Clarke), the nappy changers set up, the bassinets ready to go and an assortment of clothes and bed linen has been bought, washed and put away ready for Mr Mini W’s arrival!

We have a small collection of about 12 reusable nappies so far.  This will need to at least double in size before Jan.  That’s ok 🙂  I’ve also got him the cutest pair of swimming shorts ever! Pandas all over them. I figure if you’re going to be born in’ high summer’ you might appreciate being dunked in cool water now and then 😉
I know we keep calling him Emrys but I should point out that that is unlikely to be his actual name.  He’s been called Emyrs since he was an embryo.  My Nan thought we’d announced his name the other day when she saw me refer to him as such on Facebook. Sorry Nan i don’t think he will be named after the great magician and saviour of Camelot. Names will be kept a secret until the big day.  No big reveals!
We’re all booked in for our antenatal classes and I start Pregnancy Yoga tonight.. I can’t believe I have been so rubbish and left that so late!! I’ve just been a busy bee and kept forgetting to book in!  Ah well. It’ll be all go tonight 🙂 Then, I’ve got a session on looking after ‘me’ during pregnancy – Matt’ll come 😉  One on breast-feeding from a breast-feeding nurse and then a day intensive on what to do with a baby and what happens during labour.  We could have spread that bit out into 4/5 sessions but we’re never sure where Matt will be so we’ve got it all happening on one Saturday. I am prepared to be overwhelmed and terrified, relieved, etc all at once! lol
We’ve also started using a great CD set for antenatal hypnotherapy.  Hoping that works! When I told my Dr she was well up for it. She said something about if my platelets drop (they’re ok at the moment) I won’t be able to have an epidural so ‘anything I think will help’ I should go for! Both good and scary stuff! She’s still finding it hard to measure how big bubs is.. Weirdly the lower part of my belly has expanded more than the top meaning my belly button has gone upwards.  That makes it difficult to get a traditional measurement.  Although, when I do it from crotch to belly button it says the 25 as in 25 weeks (which is right i think?).  She’s going to assess me again at 28 weeks and if it’s still not clear we’ll get to wave at him on an ultrasound – I’d quite like to wave at him on an ultrasound so that’s cool by me 🙂
I’ve put on about 5 kgs in the last month and have a belly the size of a football (or two) so I’m sure everything’s fine. He’s certainly very active. Sometimes it feels like he’s facing outwards and pounding both fists and feet against my belly! – usually in the morning to wake me up! RUDE!
In other news, I am waiting for an actual hard copy, printed proof of my actual book! It’s coming from America and should be with me next week to approve. Then it goes straight into the Amazon store! That’s exciting – it’s only taken me 4 years!!! *sigh* but I was determined to get it finished this year! I’ve had to typeset it myself (with Matt looking over my shoulder for mis-placed pixels)
I’ve also had to register for GST so that I can place an app in the APP store with apple and have a tax file number in the US now so that I can sell through Amazon! It’s all go!


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