Huntsman spider

My Captor

Leaving for an extra rehearsal on Tuesday I had no idea that there was a hitch-hiker on my car. Street lightning, especially in small side streets, is modest here in the South Australian suburbs. It wasn’t until I turned onto the main road that I spotted this hairy legged, sticky creature crouched on the bonnet of my car. I was travelling at 60kms an hour, after a small panic (to myself) I decided that it would probably just blow off as I drove. I forgot how sticky Huntsmen’s feet are…. So, when I slowed to a stop at the first set of traffic lights it seized it’s opportunity. Free from the pressure that a 60km vehicle places on a hitchhiking spider, it Huntsman spider the strength to move – towards me and onto the windscreen – just as the lights turned green.

At this point I decided it was wise to shut all air vents and ensure windows were fully sealed. Squealing and flapping a bit I got Siri to call Matt (Hands free of course) as I faced a big decision. As I had begun to move, the huntsman, once more incapacitated, glued to the windscreen. Right above my face (Thank goodness for glass!).

There was an opportunity to end this madness. I could decide to turn on the windscreen wipers but that might kill this ‘little’ fella or I could keep on driving and leave him/her to his/her own fate. I couldn’t kill it.. so, I left it… in my face as I drove. At this point, Matt is listening to a slightly hysterical woman and pointing out that he’s at home, I’m in the car, down the road and there’s nothing he can do.

I got to the next set of traffic lights and slowed once more. The spider took his/her chance and scurried onwards. This time running away from me (phew) and across the side of the car, the empty passengers side. But now I can’t see it anymore. What if it walks to my side of the car, waits for me to open the door and ambushes me? Matt, doesn’t think this is very sensible and he’s getting very bored fo my squeals. I’ve almost decided he’s right. I should calm down. It’s probably blown away by now and is far, far away from me.

Then I slow down at the next lights and it appears again. It’s crossed the top of the car and travelled back towards me. It’s not sat on the driver’s side window and has noticed our rather old manish fetching rain guard.  It realises that if it crawls underneath that it will be sheltered from the pressure of the wind as I drive.   It’s also no in line with the side of my face and I can’t keep this up!

I ended up pulling up at an empty mall car park, parking under the brightest light I could find (to ensure I knew exactly where that spider was going) and I plotted my escape.  I wasn’t going to open my door.. it was on there… watching me. So, instead I climbed over the gear stick (16 week preggers belly and all) and got out of the car the other side.  I armed my self with a brolly and poked it at the spiddy until it ran towards me (eik!) and away from its protective wind guard.  Then I flicked it off the door with a cd case and sped off in the car – incase it decided to jump back on.  I definitely didn’t squash it… i checked that I drove in the opposite direction.

My god I’m brave 😉


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