27 today!

Happy Birthday LOF!

Can you spot your card?
PS. Bogus… He keeps snogging the monkey but nothing’s happened! ???? Was it all a Lie!!!! 😮
and the thought of Dunk stood in Birthday’s giggling uncontrollably about a cat and scaring the other customers amused me much more than the card!! lol

Made us laugh this morning! lol

They’d clearly drank all the English beer Matt was missing! LOL


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  1. Ezzat 13 years ago

    I couldn’t help it! It was SO funny, oh man don’t remind me….

  2. The 13 years ago

    Can’t see our card! Best Wishes to him anyway! A and J.

  3. Mochinbach 13 years ago

    Oh he got your card but I remembered I’d hidden it in a book 10 seconds after I took the picture!

    He’s loves his little husky 🙂


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