It was strange leaving Adelaide behind. I was expecting some rather huge feelings of regret or excitement and instead I found my self sitting on the beach just outside the caravan site (which is down the rd from here my house once was) writing bye bye Adelaide in the sand as the sun set on our final day in Australia. Both LOF and I were anxious about how the other one was feeling; this was a big move – AGAIN. The prospect of returning to the UK and having the instant gut feeling that we should never have come back was rather daunting. I think the fact that we had friends with us and that we were planning to pop into Bangkok softened the blow and made it feel more like we were simply popping out for a holiday than leaving the sunny shores of Adelaide for what might be forever.

The main priority has been to get the house rented so that we don’t need to pay $3000 on a house we are not going to be living in for the next two months. We thought that we had it all sorted but the Italian man who’s been living in a very expensive hotel for the last 3 months didn’t turn up to the appointment he has made to sign up for the house; not exactly the best way to reassure a landlord that you are a reliable tennant! 🙂 So, instead we are left with the prospect of paying a lot of dollars while we rely on the skills and advertising ower of a real estate agent who has so far failed to produce the goods. Ah well! It’ll get sorted when it gets sorted I guess.

The packing up of all our remaining worldly goods was also a little harrowing as we realised that the baggage allowance was a measly 20Kgs! Impossible! We ended up placing some of our lovely possessions in to the cases of Span and LOM. It was a good job they were there!
We had a great time with them over the last week or so too. It was really nice to have my Bessie mate back and we did laugh at the fact that at times we had forgotten that we were no longer speaking on the phone and that instead we were in the same location simultaneously! We knew things were a little crazy when we were in Melbourne and discussing wedding gowns. Span suggested that she should try the dress on that I had in mind and take a picture to email me. I then gently reminded her that we could just fly back to London together and I could try it on whilst she gave me her opinion! lol. It’s crazy how quickly you can get used to having to do things via the medium of the Internet. 🙂


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