3 days and counting…

This is the current fashion…

Three long days of non-stop rain! The aussies are jumping up and down with glee and we’re just a little bit annoyed now! There was actually a weather warning last night for the Adelaide area asking people not to leave their houses because the water was beginning to flood the storm-water drains! LOL. My god it’s the same effect snow has on the U.K.! lol

The amusing thing (well for us anyway) is the it’s going to be sunny by Monday Lunchtime whilst it will be raining in New Zealand by tea time. Observe – A + J’s flight leaves at 10:00am from Adelaide and arrives in NZ at tea time!!! I’m not kidding. The poor things.

Anyway.. we’ve been out and about with our kagools all over the place. We’ve been to the museum, the river, the town center and the First Falls at Moirialta. Where we went back to see the koalas I posted a few weeks ago. This time, of course, there was plenty of water for a waterfall and the Koalas were not looking nearly as fluffy or happy as they were when it was sunny. In fact they looked upset and miserable (and about 1/2 the size)

We’re off to the Maclaren Vale now.. We’re just waiting for the Police man to file a report… we got up this morning to discover that a sling shot and a marble had damaged the front porch sliding doors. It looks like the house was involved in a show-down! Not good. Ah well.

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  1. Philip 12 years ago

    Ah bless I hope the sun comes out soon


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