The last time I wrote we had just discovered that the Barn was not to be. We were both a bit miffed about that, understandably so, and have spent every bloomin’ weekend since trying to find somewhere else. Unfortunately, our search has been more or less fruitless. It is frustrating that at every turn we are thwarted! Australia never seems to be far behind. Houses are being sold because people are leaving for their new adventure, koalas and digeridoos are everywhere and all we ever seem to be shown are “new builds” which neither of us really like!

Half term has not been a holiday, as my diary demonstrates. I haven’t stopped at all and rested is not a term I would use to describe my current state. How I am supposed to tick all the boxes and make sure I am perfect in time for a new school half term is beyond me. I am really struggling with the whole teaching thing at the moment if I’m honest. I’m am only 5 1/2 weeks in to my return to “normality” but it all looks pretty hairy to me! Here’s hoping another 5 weeks will make me feel more at home with it all.

Obviously, the last few weeks have been harder for my closest friends. It’s hard to know what to say to make it all better; especially when I know there really isn’t anything I CAN say or do to make the hurt go away. I do know that they love each other very much and that this is all very, very, very sad. When love is meant to be it will triumph over everything and anything. We all have our fingers crossed that the thing that was shared, was really true love and that it will all be OK in the end. If it isn’t, then maybe it wasn’t and that’s OK too. Well it will be one day soon.

I do know that they are both wonderful people. Wonderful and lovely people always deserve happiness and, although the the last 12 months have been nothing less than traumatic, I know that they will be happy again, that it will all make sense again and the only way is up. Sometimes life has a cruel way of throwing as many obstacles as it possibly can in a person’s way. Although I know it doesn’t feel like there could possibly be a reason, or that the reason might be a cruel joke, each of these trials does make you stronger eventually.



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