This is Dalek Caan. He was placed in the time war without protection. His brain was lost as he watched the whole of time unfold before him… he lost his hat in the process. This character is clearly a biographical representation of R T Davis… He must also have lost it a little.

We were all on the edge our seats. Women everywhere were scouring the net for clues as to who the next Dr would be. We were all frightened that this would be the end of David’s reign and that someone else would fill our Saturday night spot. Emails were being sent to me from people who were not even remotely interested in Dr who when I was cowering behind the sofa. Everyone at school (well the kids) were coming up with theories and ideas… then we were faced with that….

Well at least all the little characters were happy and Rose got to keep a Dr who was in touch with his feelings. They used it as a vehicle to add characters to the new series of Tourchwood and thought they were oh so clever…. mmm

It was cheesy and obvious and badly written and a shame. Thank goodness Russell T isn’t doing any more. I thank you for contributing to the return of the Dr but you’re right to bow out. The series felt like it was going round in circles… It’s not supposed to do that.

I am certain that this was David’s intial reaction to the script. They must have offered him chocolate or whiskey or something…. LMAO!

In fact I still prefer the good ol’ days where a series was about one story that the Dr had to solve. I’m not sure that the reason this felt so odd was because it was trying to link so many little, random and totally unrelated things together as an after thought.

Well at least Span got to see two Davids and, as she will remind you, he was naked!


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  1. SpanAir 11 years ago

    “I am certain that this was David’s initial reaction to the cript”, is still making me laugh…

    Mmmmm, Naked…

  2. SpanAir 11 years ago

    Ahem, script…


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