I’m supposed to be in bed because I have to wake up at 5:30 and get to school before 7 to get to BETT on time. Decided to write here instead.

We have three estate agents coming round this week. Two of them tomorrow and one on Saturday. Fingers crossed that we will walk away from this with something still in our pockets and bank accounts. We’re going to need a 4-5% deposit for our next home if we want a mortgage in Aus. The rates seem a little more realistic than they were when we were thinking about this 2 years ago. There the same as we’re paying now 5.69% variable so at least that’s something we don’t need to worry about. We’ll also get an grant of between $7,000 and $11,000 from the ferderal government to help us with the deposit which is cool. And.. we need to save £10,000 before we can leave. We have managed £3.500 in 4 months though so we’re on track to leave around Septemeber, probably after Jac’s wedding.

It’s all getting real now. Not too real yet as I still own my house and still have my job to go to every day. This time it’s no where near as scary though and although I know that there are plenty of people who don’t want me to go, the thought of leaving makes me breathe easy. I have a way out.

I know that it won’t be easy. Far from it infact! I’ll be cursing as the date gets closer… mark my words but I do know where I belong and the way i deserve to live both professionally and personally and I can’t get that here. I really can’t. It’s too risky what with the recession to quit my job and even try and match my lifestyle and the no-risk, box ticking system we have hear would probably continue to ignore me anyway. lol Sad but i don’t think the UK are quite ready yet lol.

I’ll let you know how much my house is worth tomorrow when i’m back 😉

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  1. Mummy Cow 11 years ago

    Am I allowed to say I don’t want you to go (although I think you should)? Unless LE and I can come too?


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