Has bloggin died a death?
It’s just that i haven’t been on here in ages and yet I have placed numerous dull status updates on Facebook. I’ve even logged onto Twitter once or twice. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by the many methods of communication open to me all at once. I don’t know which one to visit first and what to say!

A blog is very handy when writing longer pieces but at the moment there’s really nothing to report. No house sale, no nothing. I wish there was something to say but there isn’t except today’s face book updates:

Selena Woodward ‘s a bird! I can fly! weeeeeeeeeeee
Selena Woodward 11a1 coursework ? Paper work done… Revision session – planned. Now…. It’s supposed to be a holiday…..
Selena Woodward Sleep
Selena Woodward is grossed out by Hendrix’s protest of her having gone into work today. Make sadnwich and coffee… walk into living room see half a mouse, guts all over the floor. NICE :X
Selena Woodward Mocks away!
Selena Woodward i’s sure he’s written “The designer of item 2 has made a more edible layout” or does it say “incredible”? It must be lunch time…
Selena Woodward wishes her cat was see through…
Selena Woodward Mocks are done!

as you can see… nothing but work work work…. Ah i love being in ol’ blighty – really warms your cockles :p

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  1. Mummy Cow 11 years ago

    You have to blog – although I see you everyday and follow facebook, I still need my Sel fix!!!


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