4 days in Brissie and a decision has been made…

We’re not staying.. It’s sad isn’t it but that’s the way it is.

Brisbane is a beautiful, clean and lovely city. Much nicer than Sydney and with better shopping facilities! lol. It really hot, the people are friendly and we could afford a nice house in a nice area but… it’s not where we want to be. In the back of our minds we keep thinking about Adelaide. About how we could have the city 15 mins one way and the beach 15 mins the other. We’ve checked and we can afford the same kind of house with a pool there too so we’re getting on a plane on Tuesday morning and we’re going back.

It’s been really hard the last few days because we didn’t want to feel this way at all and in many ways if we hadn’t been around Oz and seen the other cities we’d be fine. The choice is definitely between Brissie and Adelaide. Both are beautiful places. Neither of us feel right here though and that’s no good.

We’ve driven around every part of the coast near to the city and there are no beaches. Manly has a lovely harbour and new houses with nice views over the sea but no beaches, no places to stroll around at night together. Renting is tight here there aren’t many places available. If we were going to buy we would be fine we’d be able to buy a 4 bedroom house with a pool and land but we don’t want to commit ourselves in that way. It’s too early and that’s too permanent.

We drove to a place called Redcliffe today where there are beaches but if LOF lay down his head would be on the sand and his feet in the sea! it’s not very impressive and the town has the feel that if it were out of season it would be very quiet indeed.

Brisbane is a lovely place to visit and we’re enjoying our stay but it’s not for us to live in.

It has some brilliant traits. I’m going to try and get a picture of the enormous bats which fly over the river at dusk. They have the wing span on a seagull! They’re huge. LOF pointed them out first and I though he was lying! lol. I was very wrong.
I Love the south bank where they’ve built a man made beach and there are some lovely restaurants overlooking the river.
the parrots that fly around are great too.
It’s always hot 36/38 degrees everyday so far with some spectacular storms.

I would be concerned about the television adverts advising you to store strips of wood and nails for storm season though! gulp!

I can see Catherine doing Cartwheels! lol and Mas. saying “Adelaide, yes, Beautiful” πŸ™‚


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  1. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Would just like to say that I think you are making the right decision. After talking to you and reading your blog’s it seemed clear that you had a good feeling about Adelaide and I think you should always go with your gut. It may be a bit of an iconvenience in the short term, but long term I don’t think you’ll regret it.


  2. ManInOz 13 years ago

    Cheers mate that’s good to hear. It’s not quite as reassuring when me and moch bat the same opinion back and forth between ourselves.



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