I’ve always fancied myself as alternative…. Well at least in my own little way… Pink streaks, smiley faces when everyone’s looking glum, a love for the classical and the rock, married by the lake with sausages in the vows… Not too different but quirky.

I love anyone else who’s different. People who are talented and braver than me. People who use their intellgence to send messages to make points, messages which come with a kick, a laugh or a tear. I guess that’s why music and language have always been things that interest me.

A beautiful baby grand with a skilled musician can take me away, sending shivers of calm down my spine – I wish I could still play in that way myself. I spent hours as a teenager glued to the well loved Yamaha baby g in the theatre. My escape when things were “teenage”; my solice.

Books have the same power. Carefully crafted words, characters and settings reduce me to tears for 45minutes, move me by opening up doors into possible futures and closed pasts. Waking me up, reminding me.

This man has the power to do all of this…

…His skill with language and music is awe inspiring. This song comes from an Aussie movie he’s been a part of and is beautiful. I’ve hadn’t seen him play live before; You Tube was, in fact, the only place I’d ever seen him play at all. There was something about him though that had the power to make me laugh till i cried. This man knows music. He knows it in the same way I hoped I’d know it when I was 17. He can make that piano calm me and make me howl with laughter. He is, brilliant and if you ever get a chance to go get some musical/linguistic therapy then make sure you go see him live (and
“that’s a F**king homphone”!) 😉


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