5th January To Coober Pedy!

Today has been mostly driving. That’s from 4:30am until 6:30pm. OMG. I swaer a 3 hour drive to wales seems like a quick trip to the shops now! dave the driver and tour guide extraordinaire deserves a medal of some kind!

We stop along the way to eat and go to the loo. I have now used several “bus toilets” which were very clearly the inspiration for those found at Glastonbury – They are alot cleaner though. Stupidly, I used to check under the toilet seat for spiders at each stop. I’ve stopped doing that now! There are a lot of moths at night and millions of flies during the day but that’s about it.

Lunchtime was great because Double Espresso bought a bag of ice – oh the the simple pleasures! I don’t think you can understand! When you ahve a shower the water in the cold tape is warm, the drinking water is warm (If we only had a tea bag!) Warm water for days and then ICE!! MMMmmmm Ice. Ice is good!

Coober Pedy is a crazy place. Everyone lives under the ground in houses tunnlled into the side of hills. Its summer temperature can be anywhere up to 50 degrees! OMG
The opals they mine are beautiful though. Some are very expensive, I bought myseld a ring with a real opal in it for $40! Bargain.
We’re sleeping in an underground bunker tonight. There are beds! Woo hoo!
The swag was amazing though. I slept like al og. So Cool. The wind was quite strong and there was sand everywhere nut I got a good 4 hours sleep – which is all there is time for before we get up! It’s a good job we can sleep on the coach! ZZzz

It rained though! They hardly ever get rain in the desert and yet I was woken up by a few drops in the middle of the night. It doesn’t last long – just a few seconds and it stops. You’re dry again in a few more as it’s sohot! I just carried on sleeping. LOF reckons there were Dingos howling around us but i don’t remember hearing them! – Too sleepy 🙂


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