6 Months In…

We’ve been here longer than six months now. Crazy. I can’t believe how quickly that went or how much easier this has been the second time around. Perhaps, it’s been easier because there is no uncertainty, no deadline for decision making and in a lot of ways that makes it so much easier to just ‘be’, to settle and enjoy. The last 4 years have been fraught with form filling, decision making and the weight of what felt like an awful lot of enormous decisions.

It’s funny how, once you’re here – decisions’ made, it doesn’t feel like such a big deal anymore. How easy it is to forget how much has been achieved, how much you put yourself through. Perhaps it’s just my natural tendency to over think and over analyse that created the tension in the first place? All I know is that this time I’m happy. I really am.

I do miss friends and family. I get jealous of what I’m missing and then get annoyed with myself because it was, after all, my choice to move here. I feel guilty when something happens and I want to be there and can’t… Perhaps I then over compensate with Skype, Facebook, emails etc. (Sorry!)  I hope that all my friends know they can call anytime and I’ll listen and give my usual brand of slightly dodgy advice!

A few days ago mum asked me whether I ever felt homesick. I wasn’t really sure how I was supposed to answer that one. I know honestly is the obvious answer but is it insulting to those you love if you genuinely don’t? I haven’t once felt like I need to be back in England, not had the urge to return to my house in Studley. I’ve never, once wanted to move back forever. I’m happy to just “be” for the moment. To be still, without the stress of form filling, packing boxes, solicitors, goodbyes and hand overs.

I’m happy to live 5 blocks from the beach with regular ducky visitors on my lawn, to see the sun everyday – even if it must rain in winter. I’m happy drinking coffee rather than beer in cafes rather than pubs. I’m happy to be able to go for long walks along the beach or in the hills. I know that I could have done more of these things in the UK. The weird thing is I never chose to. For what ever reason, the UK didn’t inspire these things in me. Maybe I’ll get bored at some point and Australia will stop inspiring me too. By that point, hopefully, I’ll be driving my kids crazy by trying to get them to appreciate what they have. We all know how ‘ungrateful’ the youth of today are 😉 It’s really nice to inspired. That’s what this place does.  It gives you the space to expand (no not just with ice-cream and cakes and coffee ), to reflect and push yourself.

There’s no way I’d have been brave enough not work full time. We couldn’t afford to do that in the UK.  This time we made  decision to live off one wage.  Future proofing for when I’d be with the babies.  I have Matt to thank. It’s been hard for him to take all that responsibility and it’s weight.   He’s learning things about his career and his direction too. I hope the events of the next few days help him with that a little more.   I hope he gets to a comfy place, an inspired at work place – there’s certainly opportunity for him 😉

Running a business has been different. Not as busy as I’d like and I’m finding myself being slowly being drawn ever closer to the classroom.  An interesting thing.  I thought I’d move away from teaching but I can see so much potential in this education system. I want need to be a part of that – Shenley has created a bug in me that needs to be fed.  It will be interesting to see where I end up with that.  Educational Career paths that seemed un-appealing in the UK suddenly seem very exciting here. I guess I need to get inside the door properly before I’ll know for sure.  I definitely, need to get inside a classroom though.

I wonder where what we’ll be up to in another 6 months? Apart from playing host to the Clarkes (senior) and Athersmiths of course!


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  1. Pam Thompson 9 years ago

    How very eloquent Selena! You’re absolutely right though, that overwhelming feeling of so much to do and important decisions to be made seems to fade with time. Although I think that you’ve managed that a lot more quickly than I did; maybe because you’ve don it once before. I love your positive attitude and the fact that you see so much potential in our education system. Go with your heart and do what it is that fulfils you and makes you happy!

    (There’s obviously a story behind the “mochin” – you’ll need to tell me some time :-))

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  3. N8Girl 9 years ago

    Now, having said all that, the new series of Mitchell and Webb started last week, and if you can’t watch that on the iplayer, for reasons unknown, you may have to come home….

    In an unrelated topic, did you know I was applying for the job of ‘person who gets to say what people in Australia can watch on BBC iplayer’?


    • Author
      selena woodward 9 years ago

      I thought you already had that job! I can’t watch the boys on I player because it knows I’ve abandoned ship! Instead I have other means 😉 Got the first to episodes all ready to go!

      Sorry Mr Mitchell and Mr Webb but it’s not my fault they don’t show you on the tele-box. You’re tooooooo funny not to watch!

      • Author
        Mochinbach 9 years ago

        and that should be two* episodes! OOPS!

  4. The Athersmith's 9 years ago

    You are both so much braver than most and to hear how happy you are after the first 6 months is perfect reward for your bravery. We can’t wait to see you towards the end of your first year and hopefully some of your bravoury may rub off on us!

    You are certainly not missing anything in the UK, other than obviously your friends and family but your freinds and family will always be just that wherever you are.

    Keep living the dream guys xx Love the Athersmith’s

    • Author
      Mochinbach 9 years ago

      Thank you! What a lovely comment 🙂 We’re looking forward to seeing you all too 🙂

      Only 6 more months to go 😉 and then W can have another Wok in a Box and Megan can watch the Wiggles and cuddle a Koala with you. I can at least guarantee Koalas this time! 🙂

  5. Cecilia 9 years ago

    Hi Selena,

    I just came across your blog while researching on Adelaide. I wonder if you would be kind enough to share your knowledge on the city. We (my hubby and 2 kids) are considering relocating to Adelaide from the UK. Our first option was Perth but work dictates Adelaide. Can you tell me anything about schools(son is 13), renting a house, best surburbs to live. Any places near the city and beach. One of the reasons we wanted to live in Perth was to be near the beach so we would feel a lot better if we were able to do the same in Adelaide. Sorry for the many questions, a bit daunting at the moment.


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