6 months to go…

And it’s starting to feel like time is getting ahead of me! Tried to renew my car insurance, can not get a 6 month policy , so I’ve paid for the first 6 months and then I’ll have to pay an admin fee to cancel it. We can’t have the new fan dangled Telewest recorder because you have to have a 12 month contract, nor can I have an up-grade on my mobile for the same reasons. These simple things make it all seem a little scary.
I mean, I’ve been at Shenley court school for 6 months already! That went by really quickly so I am sure that it won’t be very long at all until I am entering my first blog from the other side of the world.

It’s half term and that means that, instead of relaxing and sleeping, Matt and I are (to coin a phrase) “up to our necks in it” (mum – never had the heart to explain that it’s EYES woman!! EYES! – or what the appropriate connotation is!) Basically, we’ve started to clear out the attic. This has been traumatic experience for many reasons; One, I had to spend the night before last on the sofa bed in the front room because the bedrooms were so full of stuff we couldn’t actually get into bed. Secondly, I’m having to be tough on myself and throw away anything that I wouldn’t want to pay to have shipped over to OZ. All my uni work? Gone ( I kept my dissertation though)

It’s strange, some of the stuff that I have chosen to keep up until now is complete rubbish but must have meant something to me at the time. I still have a letter that I wrote to the board of govenors at STAS in 1998, complaining about the way the A Level French examination had been conducted, I still had Mrs Bucahnon’s reply which contained the slightly unprofessional words ” I know you have your heart set on Birmingham University, and not just because Neil’s there” LOL That made me cringe! Can you imagine…

I found lots of photographs, including, an album from when I left Walkwood C of E in ooh 1993? Pictures of lots of people I have long since forgotten about and that bird what lives down the road and keeps following me to the gym, Span – I think that’s her name. She had a short bob back in those days and was in LOVE with a boy with a giant spike on his head. (Made of hair and a lot of gel) I have pictorial evidence of said affair – will sell for reasonable price

Also discovered other fabulous Span related products such as the Xpression song book – with complete lyrics for “Manic Monday” and “Together Forever”. Apparently we were sponsored by SHAK – which I can only imagine was a clever use of the first initial of Selena, Hannah, Aimee and Kelly? I’m still waiting for the sponsorship money from the other three and wondering what John and Chris’ role was – apart from air guitar?
Span reliably informs me that we used to have a radio station called SHAK FM – Obviously, we didn’t broadcast but spent hours in our rooms recording on a little white tape recorder I recently took to the tip. Just imagine what we’d be like today? The potential of Podcasts and the like is frightening…. We’d have been rich I tell you!


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