6/2/07 – We’re in

We moved in yesterday. We hired a little car in the end and transported our 2 backpacks,, 2 day packs and countless numbers of carrier bags full of dirty washing to the house. The car came into its own later though, we went food shopping – spending over $300 – it worries you until you realise that $100 = 40 quid. Then after we’d filled the fridge and pantry i got to work making a list…

Now, the house is lovely and is fully furnished Aussie style. This is also a little disappointing though. How am i going to make it feel like my home if it’s full of someone else’s stuff? Joyfully, I discovered some little bits that were missing and began those lists! This resulted in a trip to Ikea and the Harbour Village shopping centre. Filled up the car again – mostly with a big squishy office chair for LOF.

Last night was really nice though. The great thing about S.A. and its coast is that the sun always sets in the sea. This is really good for us because, obviously, our windows look out to sea. That meant that we spent the first night watching a beautiful sunset from the balcony of LOF’s new office.

Sat on a chair with a box of chocolates, an ice bucket (compete with ice of course) and a bottle of white wine – all provided for us by the landlord. Heaven. This is going to be a good year. I can’t wait to share it with all those people who are planning to come out – I know of at least 2 couples who have already booked their flights! 🙂

It is a little daunting no though. It was scary to realise that we’ve committed ourselves to staying in this one place for what seems to be such a long time. I can’t help but feel a little bit lonely away from family and friends. I do miss you all. We’ve been so busy travelling for the last 6 weeks that its only hit us a couple of times. Now we’ve stopped moving who knows how we might feel.

it does make me laugh that on the way to my house I have to drive past Davis Street – that woman is everywhere! ;). I’m mostly missing being tripped up every time I go to get milk out of the fridge, being followed everywhere, having to dangle string and hide plastic bags. The cats are fine – in know- in fact from what Mum tells me about bacon Sundays etc. I’m not sure they’ll want to go home with us in 12 months! It doesn’t mean I don’t miss them though.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. It’s now that it really all begins. JObs, community, new friends. I”m up for all of that and although none of your are replaceable it’ll make it easier if we’ve both got others around and out minds busy.

I do think that the next 12 months will be fantastic. I live opposite the beach! It’s sunny and I’m in Australia!

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  1. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Happy u guys r settling. Spider incident sounded like an experience. I definately agree with getting involved in the community. strangers r friends u have yet 2 meet. greg


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