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Christmas Tree 2012
The Nursery Taken 18-12/2912

The Nursery:  Taken 18/12/2012

As of tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant.  That means that, officially, there will be only 3 weeks to go before the wriggle monster is out and about.  Of course, judging on those who have been having babies recently, he could decide to come any time soon (or not until people are threatening to induce him).

I have an appointment at the obstetrician tomorrow at which I fully expect to be told that he has dropped.  Somehow, i know I can breathe more easily (vapor rub styleeee) than I could last week and I can feel how his weight seems to have shifted down.  My pelvis is also suffering far more now and I am getting pains in both the front and back.  The ones at the front are new and, I assume caused by a certain someone’s little head. 🙂

Being able to breathe more seems to be also mean I have slightly more energy.  That energy has been going into baking and cooking. Every day for the last day or so I’ve either baked or cooked something extra.  Scones, veggie nut roasts, lasagna…  lot’s of things for the freezer (and for Matt and I’s belly).  I’m not sure whether this is my version of nesting.  I think I said on Facebook that I reckon that it might be.  For some reason having heaps of  food ready to go when we get out of hospital (or to feed mum and dad whilst we’re in hospital)  seems to be of massive importance!

Mum and Dad will be arriving in a couple of weeks.  We have 7 days until Christmas, 16 days until the arrival of Ma and Pa in the ‘Land Down under’ and 22 until Emrys’ official arrival date.  Not many at all! Lots to look forward to over the coming weeks that’s for sure.  Christmas will be here for a couple of days, mum and dad for 3 months and Emrys until he gets bored of us and decides to leave home (probably at aged 43?)

I am really glad that I am no longer at work.  Not because I don’t enjoy it but because walking to the shop and back is enough for me now.  Standing and delivering lectures and 2 hour workshops… I’m not sure I’d be able to do it!  I am, of course, still writing on teachertechnologies.com, still networking socially and trying to keep my brain active.  I do also have a strange (Terena like) problem where I say the wrong words for things….  Matt reckons it had to start somewhere.  Maybe each baby steal words and I will soon be muddling my idioms just like mum.  I’ll be ‘up to my neck it in it’ and requesting a ‘dildo rail’ in B+Q Bunnings in no time 😉

I have to say that, so far, I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant.  It’s fascinating to watch my body change shape.  Even my maternity clothes are getting a little tight now! My skin just keeps finding more elastic and stretching! Lashings and lashings of cocoa butter (I hope) will help to avoid stretch marks. I can’t help but wonder what I will look like by the time this is all done!  Surely, having carried progressively more weight over 9 months, once it’s all gone I should have the toned muscles of an athlete?  Surely?  😀

I’ve been working hard to get to know labour and what it is so that it doesn’t feel like the most scary thing in the world and I have to say that I am actually looking forward to experiencing it.    I know I was made to do this and I worked hard to get here 🙂  I’ve watched so many DVDs of births, read so many books, studied the breast-feeding handbook , listened to my hypnotherapy cds every day and felt this little wiggly mass of loveliness get him self into position. We’re ready.  Come what may, we have a plan! 🙂  according to Tina, my coffee grindings suggest that I will practically be laid on a chez-long being fed grapes by an Adonis (presumably Matt) whilst I give birth in a highly relaxed environment – LMAO.  Oh, and we can expect a lot of visitors this year – I wonder why!

I think Matt’s dad is planning to come out in May (once the big implementation is finished). So, that means Jan – March = my lot, May = Matt’s Dad. It’ll be like 2007 all over again with lots of visitors 🙂 Excellent! Lots of visitors = lots of baby sitters and mini Woodward will get to play with his grand parents 🙂 Hopefully, Aunt Shelly and Nanny Woodward will also choose to visit.  We’ll have to see.  I reckon I should work on getting Uncle Adam a gig at the National CEGSA conference next year and then he and Kel can come over and earn some money whilst they’re at it 😉

The Other walls of the Nursery Taken 18/12/2012

The Other walls of the Nursery Taken 18/12/2012

Christmas Tree 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

Of course, there are other things going on – apart from babies 🙂  Christmas preparations are completed! Presents have all been ordered and posted to the UK.  You should have received your Christmas cards by now and (of course) half the Christmas food is already cooked and in the freezer!!  I still need to ice the Christmas Cake and make some mince pies but other than that we’re ready!

I’ve already created a Google+ album for pictures of 2012 and, if you’re in my circles, you’ll have already seen the cards we’ve been receiving from you guys (Thank you! It’s great to know you’re still thinking of us down here!), the tree go up and much more 🙂 I’ll keep adding to it as the days and weeks go by.

It definitely isn’t going to be a white Christmas… and I think, for once, when mum and dad get here they may actually experience a proper Aussie summer.  The last couple of years have been a little cooler than usual… not this year. We’ve already experienced several days over 40 degrees… it’s 34 outside today – which is much nicer but I reckon we might find our selves dipping the belly in the sea next Tuesday 🙂 Although, if it could see its way into the mid 20s that would wonderful.  That’s more like a nice British summers day and much easier to deal with whilst carrying a small human inside your belly. (No, not one I’ve eaten…..)

I’ve also continued to sing along with the wonderful lovelies at Soul Factor Gospel Choir.  The annual Christmas Concert was a week ago last Saturday and with a solo (with a C above the stave) for me… it was a challenge.. but AWESOME FUN!  lol.  The gang were great, letting me sing by the Christmas tree rather than attempting our usual dance moves 😉 – I let them do that 🙂  I haven’t seen any pictures yet. I’m sure some were taken and will appear on the Facebook Group soon enough.  Needless to say, joining the choir was a great decision and (although I will be stepping out for a bit whilst bubs arrives and we get used to each other and our world together) I can’t wait to get back involved – probably in the winter next year 🙂  The lovely ladies bought Emrys some Robot bibs and little bouncy chair too!  He’s a very spoiled little chap! 🙂



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