7 days down 33 to go.

It’s been exactly seven days now since I had a cup of coffee or tea. I gave it up for lent… It’s harder than you would think especially as, being a teacher, everyone is constantly making tea or coffee.

I worked out that I was drinking around 8-10 cups of coffee a day! Way too much I think we’d all agree so I decided to see what would happen if I gave it up for lent. No tea to wake me up in the morning, no Costa Coffees when I go shopping in town, no coffee at school for break time.

Day one resulted in me having a humungous headache, Day two the shakes…For god sakes! Who knew that coming of caffeine was like giving up heroin! Do I feel better? Well Instead of tea I now drink ginger and lemon fruit infusion for breakfast. I drink fruity tea twice whilst at work and then have lemon and lime flavoured spring water with my dinner. My tongue no longer has huge cracks running down either side and the funny white/brown fur that covered it is starting to fade. My energy levels are different, although that could be attributed to spreading myself a little thinly recently (Had a gig on Sunday).

Parents’ evening tonight was the worst. The Faculty support manager for Year 7 was walking around with cups of tea and coffee, my throat was aching.. I needed a drink and I had to turn her down. Twice that happened. One of the senior managers retorted “that’s a strange thing to give up!” I’d like to see him try!! 😉


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