7 years today:)

So we went for a meal in a local, award winning, pizza restaurant in Glenelg. After we’d eaten that LOF was very keen to get back to the beach outside our house before the sun set. Very romantic i thought especially on our special day. It has been seven years since we first embarked on our relationship. We sat on our designated beach blanket and got comfy when LOF suddenly had the urge to run to the loo. When he came back he returned with an odd shaped package and presented it to me, with a card. After opening the card which read ” thanks for the last 7 years, if get another 70 I’ll be a lucky man” I was told that the person inside the package had to be opened at sunset, thus the wait and that I had to hold him up a certain way. Excitedly i ripped open the paper, fully expecting a pig. Instead, i was greated by a kangaroo. I was a little confused at this point and was wondering why it wasn’t a pig! lol
LOF then pointed out that there was something extra in his pouch. A small package was sticking out. Still, i though ah he’s bought a necklace or something that’s nice. I began to open it and LOF said “this is the point where I have to get traditional and ask you to be my wife” a little dazed and excited I said ” of course I will” whilst hugging him and struggling to breathe!

I then had to make sure that all of this was true and that I wasn’t dreaming. For the last 7 years Marriage has been the last thing on LOFs mind for various reasons. As such, despite all the very obvious clues I had resigned myself to the fact that we were probably never getting married; i guess this made it very easy for him to surprise me!

I’m really happy. It took about 2 hours and have various conversations with mothers, nans and best friends about it all! He has chosen a stunning ring and the kangaroo was a genius idea! lol

There was some bad news though… the kangaroo did originally have something else its pouch. A baby Joey… He had to surgically remove it – well its head!! poor thing. So now I have an engagement ring, a kangaroo and a joey’s head!

Brilliant 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. gaynor 13 years ago

    How does anyone leave a comment after that,Congratulations and Good luck and love for your life together. You can move forward Sel knowing men like Matt are a rare breed and I know he will always look after you and now I have a lovely new daughter too.Have a wonderful life together love and kisses Mom xxx

  2. Anonymous 13 years ago

    We’re all screeching in the English office – this has made our day (after a particularly stressful theatre session with Year 9. Well done Matt – we’re very proud of you. All dancing. KB says you have to come home to get married but JA says you should do it there and we’ll party when you come back.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Shenley Crew xx

  3. Terena 13 years ago

    I have been on the phone most of the day – its really fantastic news! Congratulations to you both (about time too – we have been waiting a long time for this announcement). Selena you are a very lucky girl and Matthew Selena couldn’t have picked anyone better. Your fantastic. We think the world of you and look forward to having you as a SON in law!!!! All the best for the future
    Love Mum and Dad

  4. Kell 13 years ago

    Hurray! Fantastic! This is very jolly news indeed. Of course we already see Matt as part of the family and now Hen and Stan can be officially christened as Woodward’s.
    Greg and I send lots of hugs and congratulations and are looking forward to bringing your engagement present to OZ this summer.

    Love Mini Clarke and gang xxx

  5. Michelle 13 years ago

    All I can say is thank god……we knew you were slow Matt but Sel thought you were like a number 11 inner circle B’ham bus….i.e. never going to get there! I am proud and happy to know I will be gaining a fantastic sister in law and welcoming a chef (nearly as good as me!) to the family…..we need some! Congratulations to you both, I couldn’t be more pleased for you. Matt….what a little charmer you are!!!! Love Shell xxxxxx

  6. Mark 13 years ago

    Congratulamachations, chaps!

  7. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Nice one guy’s. Sorry I missed your call LOF I was well gutted. I can’t wait for the stag, I have a million idea’s already and they all include leiderhosen.

    Laters and congratulations.


  8. Mochinbach 13 years ago

    Thank you all for the lovely comments, they have made a special event all the nicer 🙂

    Sel & Matt x

    PS: Leiderhosen hey! – You’re just keen to relive our special night aren’t you mate 😉 LOF x Keep the ideas coming!

  9. Chris 13 years ago

    Hey Sel. That’s great news. Reading through your blog, it sounds like you’re both having a fantastic time and this is just the icing on the cake.


  10. Anonymous 13 years ago

    It was a very special night LOF, I do miss the man love.


  11. Ezzat 13 years ago

    Or in arabic: Alf mabrooooooook


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