Digging the Foundations

They’ve started building the house! Woot!

I  can not tell you what that means to us! Renting a house with no heating or cooling, a garage that’s broken and a leaky roof in the hallway…  can’t wait to have control over our own destiny!

That’s them digging the foundations.  We were really surprised they’d done anything to be honest. We only got the OK to build on Monday and these pictures were taken on Friday.  Hopefully (weather permitting) we’ll have a slab very soon… then some walls and some windows… and a roof!  Thank goodness.

Standing there, looking at it, in the middle of a large field, it felt quite small but I know it isn’t! lol  The garden might be…. but the house is a good size for us 🙂 Can’t wait for it to have a timber frame so we can wander around inside 🙂

This week I have also been getting over low bar pneumonia (what ever that is).  It mostly meant that I had to (was forced) to sit still and read my way through the Outlander series.  If I spoke, I coughed! So silence, sleep and rest were all in order.  That and 4 courses of antibiotics.  I take my last one tonight (thank goodness).  Let’s hope that’s the end of that.

img_1938Twisty and Matt are both well.  They went and got themselves a lovely hair cut and have been having lots of fun whilst I rest.  I took Twisty to the Zoo on Friday morning whilst Matt saw his accountant.  It was nice to wander around. Although, since the new cafe and playground went into Adelaide Zoo, I spend most of my time pretending to be lost and stumbling into exhibits.  All T wants to do is go to the cafe and park! 😉




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