7th January – Port Augusta and camp!

Port Augusta was really nice – if a little windy! It was the first time in a while that I got to see water. The sea was a beautiful aquamarine colour. A small pier had loads of children jumping into the cool refreshing waters.

We stopped by the park to have lunch – Quiche and salad – we sat on green, yes GREEN grass. Another complete contrast to the brown and stark deserts of the North. A Battle witha flock of sea gulls did commence however as we retreated into the shade leaving the left over picnic food on the table. Mine! Mine! Mine! One got hit on the head I’m afraid 🙁 Poor little thing.

We went into the town itself and took a shopping trip to Woolworths. Woolies is very different out here. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be owned by Wallmart as it looked exactly like ASDA to me. Obviously I took some pictures! Much to the embarrassment of LOF.

LOF is feeling a little throaty now and seems to be loosing his voice. We’ve bought him some throat sweets and medicines so here’s hoping he’ll be ok again soon. Poor thing. Maybe the sand from the desert? The hazards of sleeping in a SWAG!

Once we’d left we moved into our camp at Rawnsley Park which is right next to the Flanders Range National Park. As we were driving through there was loads of wildlife to be seen. I’ve certainly witnessed my fair share of kangaroos now! They’re found in the shade of the trees. They sort of sit back, balancing on their tales and dangle their front paws like they’ve got no energy to stand up straight. Think 13 year old. You’ve got it! They’re very cute though! (Is that an oxymoron? cute and 13 year old?)

Outside we had a campfire. It glowed and spat whilst the bats and crickets sang songs and we all had a go at the didgeridoo.

By the time tea0time came around LOF had completely lost his voice – This made for a slightly quieter evening. LOL and Double E and I took full advantage of the situation – As did Davey

Double E and I also spotted that, instead of the 3 hour walk to the edge of the Wilpena POund we could take a little Sessner plane – Dunk Style – and look at it from the sky. We’ve decided to treat ourselves – It’s about $100 each. LOF is determined to walk it but I think he needs to rest and see how he feels tomorrow.

It’s off to look at the spectacular stars now. I can’t believe we couldn’t fit int he telescope. The sky is beautiful. I’ve never seen so amny of them sparkling. I”m looking at Englands’ summer sky, which is a little odd in January but there are constellations there which could never have been seen in Fryer Rd. Those Hughes and their BBQ lights 🙂 Nick would love it out here with all the BBQS! He’s missing out a little I reckon!


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  1. Anonymous 13 years ago


    Thanks for the report. Beer good. Losing voice bad. The thought that Chep may lose voice also – brilliant.


  2. Mummy Cow 13 years ago

    Wow – all sounds amazing. Can’t get the picture of you checking under the loo seat out of my head though. Keep posting babe!

  3. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Double E signing in and reporting back to base. All under control on Kangaroo Island, although plenty of strange looks from passers-by – I keep chatting away, forgetting I’m no longer with you two!!! Oops!
    Keep up the good work, chief blogger.
    Kisses all round.

  4. Mummy Cow 13 years ago

    Got 2nd postcard today (12.1.07)- from Dubai. According to itenary above this PC you’re on the Great Ocean Road. How quickly is this adventure going!!!

  5. Mochinbach 13 years ago

    Oh yes indeed! It’s flying by!!

    In Melbourne Now!!! 🙂

    Neighbour night! Neighbours night!! Woo hoo!!!!!



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