A Dream Interpretation for span…

This weekend has been much more eventful than I thought it would be.
Span had guests up for the weekend which meant that we went to town to watch the football and then had a bar b que at her house. Tasty good.

Apparently she had a dream the other day which involved Mr Bogus and his handmade jewellery box and me having to tell Hannah that Matt didn’t like her! (i’m sure she’ll elaborate! 😉 Silly girl. I think that she worries that she’s spending too much time with us. She needn’t at all. We enjoy her company and she is more than welcome around at our house at any time. I am a little worried that her subconscience thinks that Ant can make a pretty Jewelry box and sell little trinkets? I wonder what that means?? lol

To dream of giving jewellery away, warns you that some vital estate is threatening you. For a young woman to dream that she receives jewellery, indicates much pleasure and a desirable marriage. To buy them, proves that you will be very successful in momentous affairs, especially those pertaining to the heart.

OOOHhhh… Did you buy any jewellry from Ant Span? If so, it’s looking good!

Jewellery Box
To see a jewellery box in your dream, represents your own sense of self-worth, self-value, and potential. You need to unleash your stored potential and quit keeping them hidden.

Repeat after me Span:
I am a beautiful person. I am a good person. I am a STAR! ONly then will the dreams of the jewellry box leave your subconscious. lol.

What an interesting dream…..


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  1. unclebogus 14 years ago

    Just woken up from having a wacky dream, and thought you might appreciate it.

    We were all in this big old hall (it was supposed to be a school, but doesn’t look like any school I remember). The teacher decided that the topic of the lesson was raspberries/farts, and pointed around the room at people and named a song – that person then had to sing itm ad-libbing the lyrics to be fart-related. One of old uni friends sang a belting version of “Eye of the Tiger” with alternaet lyrics.

    Anyway, in the midst of this craziness, LOF is wandering around dressed in an admiral’s uniform that’s clearly too small, with the jacket tugged up over his head like a nun’s habit, his arms dangling aroun because the jacket’s hitched them up. He moves between the tables in the hall asking, in a high-pitched voice, “Where’s Johnny? Where’s Johnny?”

    Got any explanation for that one?

  2. Mochinbach 14 years ago

    Your mad!! LOL

    Very accurate depiction of LOF in everyday life however.


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