A lesson in Mind Mapping.

(Mind mapping was created by Tony Buzan. It’s very clever. A bit like a brainstorm but more a map of thought processes. Students are asked to use them to develop their thinking skills and revise key ideas. I asked my Year 11s to create one such map to help them map out the different linguistic devices that could be found in their GCSE English paper. Of course, part of this process involves images, colours and text….)
We get to “Technical Language”

Student: So I can draw something here which reminds me of nerds then?
Me: Yes, i guess so.. that’s kind of the idea! When you think of technical language what do you think of? I’d probably draw a science nerd with big black glasses… you know (does impression of large glasses over face)
Student: Do you know what madam… your husband must be mad! ( Shakes head)
Me: What? Why?
Student: Does he know you’re a nerd?
Me: Yes.
Student: Yeah. I guess he’s a nerd too…. but does he think you’re a mong?
Me: Erm… no… I’m guessing not… he did marry me…
Student: Yeah. Pauses to consider Really you’re kind of perfect for each other?
TA: Do you know madam I know I’ve seen your husband but I just can’t picture him
Student: To TA Oh Madam! How could you forget him!? Right, yeah… he’s massive! Once, yeah, we were waiting to go into a concert and there he was in his surfer shorts and this long hair (indicates length) and glasses. Class titters away

Me: You were just jealous! It was flipping hot in that theatre!!
Student: Yeah and he had this beard too.
Me: No… He doesn’t have a beard it was the end of the week. He only shaves once! You just caught him at a bad time. He hadn’t shaved so he looked a bit well…
Student: Like a tramp?

Some time later….

Student: I’ve drawn a razor madam.
Me: Why?
Student: Well its the razor your husband will never use. It’ll help me to remember that technical language is for nerds.


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  1. Dunk 10 years ago

    Lols!! Love they way they think πŸ™‚

  2. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Inspired. Why can’t my group be as creative?!

  3. Author
    Moch 10 years ago

    I’d take it as a compliment. At least you’re not a nerd! πŸ˜‰


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