A Message from a disgruntled cat which made me laugh

Dear aunty Selena and Uncle Matt,

Something quite strange happened today. I woke up and went to my cat flap to
find that the garden had disappeared! I screamed and ran under mummy’s duvet
for quite some time. Tig just grumped and laughed at me :< I don’t know
where its all gone. I couldn’t get any sense out of mum (I don’t understand
baby talk!) so iv had to cross my legs.

Any way i had some lunch and popped my head out of the cat flap to check but
it hadn’t come back. Mum got up very late (I was starving and this just
didn’t help the situation!). Eventually mum put some very large shoes on and
scooped me up, Ah had I thought, finally she has got the hint and is going
to help me find my missing territory. To my absolute horror she dropped me
onto a sinking, frozen substance and let me sink! I couldn’t wait any longer
and took my small shivering body back in to tell Tig all about near death
experience and my absolute disgust.

Later on Dad came home, which was such a relief. By thins point I was
contemplating peeing in the wardrobe (its so nice and snug in there). Any
way he was a very cleaver human and moved the white stuff and there it
was!!!! My garden it was hiding. He found the soil for me my hero! I had a
lovely wee. Iv sent some evidence of this cruelty in hope that I can come
and live with you.

Love Casper Clarke with and ‘e’


So.. I go away having spent the last 4/5 years waiting for proper snow and then the weather sits, laughs and shakes out the most snow you’ve seen for 10 years. TYPICAL!
I might make a sand man in retaliation!

Send me pictures! (Thank you to Jilly and Kel who remembered my obsession and to SPAN for being the first person to tell me about the snow!! Woo HOoo!!!


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  1. Casper and Tig 13 years ago

    Dear aunty Selena and Uncle Matt,

    I am pleased to say that I have got to grips with the ‘snow’ stuff a little now. Actually I got quite excited when I went out last night and built a snow mouse. When I tried to eat him though it made more of a mess than usual. Thank you for making me a super star on the giant space thingy. I am thinking of setting up a fan club.

    Lots of purrs


  2. Anonymous 13 years ago

    I tyhink that was the most disturbing thing I have ever read in my life.


  3. Mummy Cow 13 years ago

    It’s still snowing – 13.19 9.2.07 – and no school again! However, I would rather be living next to a beach, feeling too hot.
    MC x
    P.S. Casper, Little E wants to join your fan club! She thought it was a snow cat in the picture at first.


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