A mirror to the old subconscious

There’s a girl I know who is truely beautiful. When she goes out she shines. Yet this person looks in the mirror and critisises. This person can not go clothes shopping without coming away feeling awful about how she is “fat”.

I just wish that this person would allow herself to see what the rest of the world sees when they see her. I wish she could look in the mirror and tell herself everyday that she was pretty and that anyone who critised her was mad! I wish that she could pick up a size 12 or even 14 in a shop and not panic that she’s over weight and ugly.

I have a range of clothes sizes in my wardrobe. I have size 8s to size 16s. All of these clothes fit me right now. Why? Because you always buy the size that flatters you the best. You always buy the size that fits and shows off all your good bits. In some shops that means a 10 in others that means a 14. Clothes sizes mean absoloutly nothing. Try shopping at George to prove that point! lol

What is important is that you are healthy and happy. When I obsessed about being a size 8/10 I spent the entire time feeling miserable and self-conscious. I now have a size 14 hip, a size 12 waist, a size 8/10 bust and I couldn’t be happier! If the dress doesn’t look right then that’s bad tailoring!! Lol If it looks nice then great (regardless of the size on the label!) It’s all about a state of mind. It is nothing to do with dress sizes.

I eat healthily. (No frozen, processed food, Only home baked cookies and cakes, very rarely a chocolate bar) I eat what I like. I make it myself so that it has all of my favourite things in. I go to the gym (where I put on weight because i built muscle but lost cms because i burned fat) and I am in love, happy and confident.

I just wish my friend would realise that we love her very much and we all wish she could love herself just as much.
If only this girl could be free too…..


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