A warm feeling..

That’s partly because today it is 24 degree and hot hot hot! lMAO and I’ve been stuck in various classrooms and offices all day instead of being outside enjoying it πŸ™‚
But also because I have had a slight feeling of achievement today… something I haven’t felt for a little while! lol
I’ve been asked to work with a college to train their staff in the ways of the IWB. Today, for the first time… instead of boards in corners I saw several instances of boards infront of rooms and had staff asking me to help them modify resources they’d found for their students! Yay!

I even managed to convinve one important member of staff that we should get rid of the data projector in the room as we had the IWB in their and enlited their help to rearrange the room. It felt right then! The IWB at the front with the PC attached and computers all around the edge of the room! (LS1!!!! LMAO) yay!

No one is making the mistake of using the board to just project either.. they’re all using it interactively!! WOO HOO! straight off! YAY! and i think i had something to do with that πŸ˜‰

it’s a nice feeling πŸ™‚

And now my head is too big to fit out of this door! LMAO



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