Abu Dhabi

I have 7 mins of Internet time left (eik!) and so I thought i’d write to say hello from Abu Dhabi! I have loads of pictures but for some reason this laptop (mine!) won’t recognise my SD card (swine!) so I can’t share them with you yet :(. Hopefully, I’ll get it all sorted when I get to Aus where life makes a little more sense to me! πŸ™‚

We arrived safely after 7 hours of flying. Having only packed my Pj bottoms, pillows and blankets into my hand luggage (there wasn’t room for anything else) I was really snugly and warm; which was lovely! I’d recommend it! Having a 6 foot 6 husband who requires extra leg room is also handy!

The flight was at night which should have been great but we only got about 2 hours sleep because they kept serving us food! (rude! lol). We’re a little loopy today and as its now 6pm I’m looking forward to going to bed in a couple of hours! Sleeeeep.
We leave here at 10 ish tommorrow and arrive in Melbourne 14 hours later… I’ll try and keep you updated as we go (and get those piccies sorted!)

Happy Christmas!!!

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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Half way there! Hope you have a good second leg. Get those piccies sorted! xxx
    MC xx


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