Adelaide Show 2012

Yay! It’s that time of year again.  Spring is springing all over the place.  There are sets of baby ducklings wandering around the creek (and stupidly sitting on our front lawn…), the grass need perpetually mowing (rain and sun = GROW) and the Adelaide Show is back in town.  I go every year and write about it every year.  Every year it seems to shrink a little more.  Not because there’s less there but because, just like when you start high school and it feels enormous, the more time you spend at a place, the smaller and more manageable it seems.  The show included such favourites as baby animals, dancing, diving pigs, food (yom), flower displays, fair rides (which we didn’t partake in for obvious reasons) and a few new bits.


Barista Competition Adelaide Show

Matt’s Dream Doggy

UTE Dust Time!

My Dream Dog – Adelaide Show

This year we watched a UTE race thingo.  This mostly meant load engine noises, skidding cars and a bra full of dust for me (!).  We also spent a bit more time than usual amongst all the flowers and cakes that were beng awarded prizes.  It was laid out a little better this year.  We managed to time it so that when we entered the pavilion we could watch one of the finals of the Austral Asian Barista competition… some serious Coffee knowledge/making going on there!  We’ve recently got a coffee machine back in the house so I was very happy to soak up the professionalism and steal a few tricks! 😉 Sel bucks always aims to provide the best quality coffee.

We had a great time although I had to go to the loo approximately every 3o mins. Thankfully the queues weren’t too bad. It was a little quieter than usual. Possibly because most of the population of Adelaide was busy nursing a hangover… the Crows won the semi final of the AFL cup…  Matt was not impressed by the local parties that raged until 4am.  I slept through the lot!  Very strange!   Emrys clearly wanted me to snooze – for once!

Me at 32 WEEKS belly shot

Apart from the show life is ticking along as it should.  My belly is getting bigger, I’m getting slower.  Work is a challenge at times but I’ve always been up for that and I am really enjoying listening to the way those pre-service teachers are starting to talk about education.  They’re getting it!  – woot! It’s actually quite rewarding. It’s mid-semester break now and so I have 2 weeks ‘off’.  In the usual sense of an educators holiday that means marking 😉 50 odd assignments to mark on their capability to operate with both ethical and social awareness online.  I LOVE those new General Capabilities. I’d love to go back to Shenley and share what I have learnt as much as I’d love to take some of the teachers I am working with here to Shenley and let them learn from the staff there 🙂  I guess that must mean my career path is still growing and I am still learning… which is all GOOD.

Of course, there will be a point where this little, acrobatic, dolphin flipping little boy will arrive and take up all my time 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait for that.  I’ve been offered countless baby sitters to look after him whilst I run PD in schools (lol) but, having listened and observed N8Girl and Kel I can tell that, that might not be the most sensible of options for a fair part of 2013!  We’ll just have to see what happens. 🙂






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