An Adonis in your kitchen?

Wow this week has flown by leaving only 3 working weeks (4 normal ones) until I find myself “Leaving on a Jet Plane“.  At this rate I’ll blink and find myself on a beautiful beach with the sea lapping the shore.  (My pals have reminded me that this will probably occur around the time that you all have 3 inches of snow – at which point I will be the one that’s really jealous!)

What have I been up to? Well… not a lot really!  Working mostly, organising and making sure that the personal deadlines I have set myself are being met one by one.  This way I know that it’s all under control!  I need to know that it’s all under control… (lol) . 

I’ve tried to up hold my usual routine of making the Xmas cake, wrapping and buying Xmas presents (Some of which we’ve already delivered to their new owners) and getting in the Xmas spirit.  Unusually for me, I’m not really that bothered that it’s coming… very strange with my past history on these matters!  I’m usually searching the sky  for Santa and posting my Xmas cards with hidden Xmas confetti!  Ah well… i guess I suppose that I might have other even larger events on my mind which seem to make Xmas a small elf in comparison.

I’ve have managed to visit the house with the mouse and Brick lane; where I discovered that “Vintage” can mean I got bored with this 2 months ago… here you sell it for an extra £30 – someone will fall for it! 😉  We’ve been to Derby to see the female contingent of the Woodward clan and I’ve begun to become totally addicted to the Twilight books. 

I’ve been avoiding Ms.  Meyer’s books like the plague.  I’ve heard mixed reviews and wasn’t sure I wanted to try.  I do have a rule though.  You can’t reject a text until you’ve read it and considered it properly.  New Moon came out at the cinema and I was amused at the number of Face book posts from friends who were so excited to see it… My other rule about books is that I have to read them before I can see them so I started.  Twilight… took me a week to read… a little dull to be honest…  New Moon?  Nearly read that one in 24hrs!  (and it’s bigger) as soon as that Vampire disappeared and I didn’t have to hear about how “He stood in my kitchen like a perfect Adonis” or deal with two teenagers discussing his “cold hard lips pressed against (hers)” I was in my element.  I also think that I get Bella a bit more now… She was appearing as a bit of a weak, empty headed idiot who just followed a man like a puppy because he was pretty and powerful…  Amusingly, I can sympathise with her in this new book and that always works for me 😉  I’d have just lain the meadow myself… I’d probably have thrown up too.. I think it’s very easy to find yourself a Jacob to half fill the gap and I think that Meyer has made her point now…. this isn’t about a vampire controlling a weakling and it’s felt much less of a Mils and Boons this time around.  Only 50 pages to go… here’s hoping it isn’t all ruined as I keep turning the pages….


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