An update

Goodness, there will be complaints across the arid potatoe fields if I don’t put something, anything soon! 😉
I guess that you should take it as a sign that life is returning to some semblance of normal when I’m not on here writing everyday 🙂 I just wake up, go to work (downstairs on the dining room table! lol) and then cook tea and watch TV lol. Great!
I have finished what should be version 1 of my website. Take a look, make suggestions! Use it to help you teach!

Nothing too monumental has been happening recently. The residents of Number 15 are arriving tonight though so there will be lots of fun stuff to report on then. I have of course promised one little E a small and furry gift which will be winging it’s way back to her via the means of A + J post. (It’ll be a well travelled Koala as it’ll pass through America on the way!)

I guess during the past week LOF and I have been focusing on trying to get a date and location set for the wedding. Which we have, of course, now done! So that means we can relax until December.

Most of our evening time seems to be taken up with WOW. Which I am sure is very bad for us! I have discovered the wonders of Windsor Pilates though and can be seen regularly “using my power house” to a DVD in my bedroom. I do miss the proper classes in the U.K. though!

Below, just to keep you all smiling, is a little video of Selfy. Now I recorded this using the Smart recorder so the quality is rubbish and, depsite it having not appeared on the screen during filming, my Google desktop bar is ruining the view! Anyway enjoy the flight!


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  1. Mummy Cow 12 years ago

    I love the website – very posh! Little E is v excited about the prospect of an addition (furry) to the family. Have a lovely time with your guests – and say hi to them for me.

  2. Mochinbach 12 years ago

    will do! 🙂

  3. Mummy Cow 12 years ago

    Slightly alarmed that your calendar suggests the residents of No. 15 are staying with you for a month – we need her back here!!!! Either that – or we’re all coming over…

  4. Philip 12 years ago

    Don’t get too hooked on WOW it’s not good for you. The new web 2.0 thing to do is use as a flash based webcam distributer.


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