Arrival in Perth

Well already I’ve stopped finding time to write everyday. A good sign i think! We arrived in Perth during the small hours of yesterday morning. When we got to the hotel at 2am it was 10 degrees C outside. When we disastrously woke up at 1:30pm (discovering that the hotel alarm clock doesn’t work) it was beautiful outside.

We’re right next to the Swan River. The main one which flows from the sea and through the city of Perth.

I’ve never been in a city that is so green and beautiful. It’s strange. B’ham is a city but it is nothing like Perth. (I mentioned this to a guy in a shop today and he said ” Ah yes Birmingham I parked there once for 3 hours I think it was the M6″) Outside the hotel is a dual carriageway but there are hardly any cars, then between the roads is a mass of green lawn – that kids play on. There are benches so that you can sit an relax. Beyond that is a pavement which is divided into two lanes – bikes and pedestrians. A lot of people seem to use bikes here and I can see why. Despite the hot temperatures there is a cool breeze and the view is beautiful.

I feel much happier here than I did in Dubai. Much more at home. The people are really friendly and welcoming and it’s much more calming and relaxing. This could be partly down to the fact that I’ve had time to wind down a bit. My IBS flared up quite badly so I haven’t been eating too well. The only two options in Dubai seemed to be cheese or spicy! Not helpful. Here it’s back to normal and I had a nice meal and at a nice restaurant yesterday. Can’t wait to eat what I want when I want again!
We’ve found the shopping centre and I’ve bought an Australian Vodafone Sim. I need to go back to the vodafone shop though as the phone won’t accept because it’s not from vodaphone uk!!! Didn’t expect that one !

We’ve found out where the fireworks are for New Years Eve and so we’re going to get tickets for Gloucester Park later today. It’s right next to the local cricket ground where a certain team played badly so I’ll watch out for spiky objects…

At the other end of the river is Kings Park where they have an outdoor cinema which is playing Monster House tonight. Might see if I can convince Matt to go along and watch that. 🙂

can’t believe that it’s Saturday already or that it’s been a week since we left England. So much has been happening in a short space of time!

Once I find an Internet connection without upload restrictions I’ll start putting the picture on Flickr. The Internet in the hotel is free but it won’t let me upload for some reason 🙁

Love to all back home.


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  1. Mark 13 years ago


    (always the problem what you abbreviate, it’s much easier to leave out a “k” and have to repost)

  2. Mochinbach 13 years ago

    Same to you Matey!!

    Hope it wasn’t too cold and windy ?:p


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