Au revoir RB and other stories…

This week Matt’s been off work – well he actually quit work and so didn’t really have any work to go to, as such! He starts his new job on Monday though 🙂 and hopefully he’ll be much. much happier in his newer surroundings ( Cue funky annoying music).  He is, as we speak, organising and copying across his research materials onto his mobile phone – remembering how he used to like his job 😉

As a result of this impromptu holiday and the fact that it’s the beginning of term we’ve ended up spending all week together – which is lovely 🙂 He’s also spent some time in the garden making new friends (as you can see in the post below) and I got to go out for a curry (first one since we got here) and meet the friends he had made at his old job as they toasted him farewell. He has some pretty cool pals from RB who will miss him (and his matrix puppets) This can be found on Matt’s face book wall.

A eulogy for the departed employee.

We haven’t done much this week really. A lot of making decisions about NAS drives and Ethernet over power adaptors (not something I think I should be encouraged to blog about) but it has been nice to chill out (and spend a fortune on Nas drives and Power line adaptors).

We did start our College course on Monday.  We decided that in order to make new pals we should go and learn something new.  We’ve signed up for “Therapeutic Massage for couples”.  Every single person we’ve told about this (without question) and both raised an eyebrow and giggled whilst making some kind of leud comment.  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!  Free massage every Monday – awesome!  And… it isn’t even remotley kinky.  There are 10 couples studying together.  (We only work on our own partners by the way) over half of them are over 50 and the other remaining couples are about our age.

Last Monday we worked on facial massage during which Matt almost started snoring (lol) and decided that the best way to end a relaxing facial massage was to tweak my nose and make a honking noise. It’s actually ok and not strange at all!  We’re all crammed into the room and have tables we have to dress with pillows, sheets, towels etc before we start but it was good fun and very tasteful. lol

Next Monday we’re doing back massage and how to “drape” in order to preserve dignity.  We’ve had to purchase massage oils and everything – oooh exciting!  I’m glad we’re doing it though!  We need to get out more… On that note.. I’m off to dinner with some new pals in a mo at a lovely pub called the Oxford in North Adelaide.  We seem to be actually getting a life these days 😉  It’s all very promising!

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  1. Mummy Cow 9 years ago

    Yay!! Sounds like things are looking up!


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