Avatars and job hunting…

Unfortunately, they’re not linked.  That would be cool though wouldn’t it!

“Wanted one English person willing to live in the real life version of World of War Craft in the role of a Draenei crossed with a Night Elf.  You must be prepared to live in a tree and fly dragons.”

I bet Matt would have no hesitation in applying for that job!  Instead he’s spent a lot of time today writing letters of application for jobs in sensible roles such as ‘Business Analyst’ and the like.  No mention of dragons in the job descriptions for jobs like that.  Sounds posh though doesn’t it!

Warning. Will induce laughing fits.

Whilst he’s been writing paragraphs about why he should get the job I’ve been continuing to read “Dear Fatty”.  Now, if you haven’t read this and you need some winter cheer (You’re apparently up to your kinky bits in snow anyway so why not) then you really ought to read this! It’s funny and brilliant.  I’ve always been a big fan of French and Saunders so I guess I already knew I’d like this book.  I chose it in London as an “On the plane book”.  I didn’t read it because I had my nose in “Lovely Bones” (which is OK but doesn’t compare to Time Travellers as has been suggested in the past)  anyway… It’s a good job I didn’t read Dear Fatty on the plane because i think I’d have upset a lot of the passengers as I constantly interrupted their attempts to slumber with loud giggles and guffaws! It really is laugh out loud funny.

I didn’t know that Ms French grew up mostly in Plymouth.  MC would love this book even more because she spends a lot of time reminiscing about Plymouth and I am sure she’d recognise some of the places.  I love it because it’s so brilliant and funny and refreshing.  She’s a very talented lady! So, yeah, in short. READ IT! 😉

We also went to see Avatar today.  That film is Awesome with a capital AWE!  It’s a beautiful film with a lovely plot.  Go and see that too!

Apparently today’s blog post is mostly full of orders for you to do things.  Sorry about that!  😉


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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    I read it in the summer – while I was in Plymouth – and recognised many of the places (and people) about which/whom she wrote. Her bro worked as a warden at my mum and dad’s place a few years ago.

    Hope Matt has some success with the job hunting. When do you start your work?

    MC x

  2. N8Girl 10 years ago

    I recommended ‘Dear Fatty’ to my mother, who has always disliked Dawn French. This is because my mother is fattest. I hoped that it would bring mum round to liking her as I loved this book, unfortunately, the result was she rang my sister and said something like, “now I understand why you’re big!”, which wasn’t quite what I was hoping…

    I’m totally in the other camp re: Lovely Bones, read it in one sitting on a train, fell in love with it, re-read it about a month ago, fell in love all over again, Time Travellers wife I could take or leave. As my favourite English teacher used to say though, no one is right or wrong, as long as everyone is reading something xx

  3. N8Girl 10 years ago

    Well that’s a horrid little blue face if ever I saw one… Why am I so unhappy!!!! 🙂

    • Author
      Mochinbach 10 years ago

      lol you need to go to Gravatar.com and set up your usual pretty face there 🙂


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