Avoiding the work…

I’m supposed to be working on invoices, banking and boring databases……

Ahem… (lol)

Well… the new site is up and running (thanks Span for the blatant plug! – love it!) and I have been attempting to get all the rest of the business side of things up and running.  New bank accounts, spreadsheets to keep track, invoices, business cards etc.  It’s still all going a little slow for me at the moment and sometimes I have to remind myself how long I’ve been here.  It took me months to get it all going last time! Patience is something I have in bucket loads when working with other people (children in particular) but when it comes to things in my own life i always want it to happen yesterday (!) .  I’ll learn one day!

My route and details

Today's route and details

My fitness regime has stepped up a notch too.  I’ve discovered an app for IPhone which follows me via GPS and measures how fast i’m going and how many calories I loose as I run.  I’ve told it to post to Twitter everytime i use it – that way if I embarrass myself by walking half way or not doing any exercise at all then that embarrassment is public 😉  Motivation!

It’s strange how maddening it gets sitting at a computer all the time. I guess I wasn’t aware of just how much time I spent busy and on my feet at school! I have to go for a run to burn off some energy.  You’ll see from my stats that they’re only short runs but I’m working on that 😉 It’s been a while since i did 5K straight off but I’m aiming to run to Henley Beach and back soon (7.5K). I’ve managed to get my lungs working again now I just need to convince my legs not to ache within the first 10 mins and i’m away! lol

It’s nice to have the option to run by the sea (as I did yesterday) and it’s even nicer that it’s cooled down a bit.  It was even raining a bit yesterday.  Believe me that’s very exciting!  You might have seen a picture of the creek I took in our first week here? It was all full of water and pretty.  It’s just mud with a puddle in now and all the ducks have buggered off 🙁 However, the mice situation seems to have calmed down now and I have started to use the compost bin again now that there are no little furry faces appearing when I take the lid off. I have seen them about but only int he back garden when I was poking around by the lime trees! ( I should get some gloves really… god knows what else is hiding in the weeds… which I need to dig up… with a spade that I am yet to buy! (lol)

There are still a few things that need to be done in the house.  We still don’t have a desk or book shelf as funds get tighter.  We’re fine and have enough to keep us going but I’m not earning much yet and Matt doesn’t start work until the 22nd.  He gets paid monthly so we’ll have to wait for another 4 weeks before real money starts to trickle in. It will be all good soon though and then I can go shopping for desks, bookshelves, house plants, clothes, shoes and all sorts of little bits and bobs.  For the first time in a long time i can “feather my nest” without fear of having to pay to have it shipped somewhere!! (yay!)

Matt seems excited about starting work. He had a meeting yesterday with his new boss who took him for coffee and told him he’d have 5 projects on the go with a worried look on his face. Patrons of Pinsents will no doubt understand why Matt wasn’t phased by the thought of a meer 5 things to do at once 😉 The work she discribed to him seems right up his street, exactly what he’s been talking about doing for the last 12 months. Im sure he’s going to love it and i envy him a bit, he’ll soon have a nice routine to get into 🙂

I’m still waiting for the college who asked for my paperwork to get back to me. If I don’t hear anything today I’ll call the principal back on Monday i think.  I’ll wave at him down the phone 😉 Having said that I’m nearly at the point where I’m ready to remind all my old patrons that I’m back and see how many training courses i can get booked.  I need to get busy soon or I’m buying a piano on credit! 😉

Kitty toys coming soon...

For those of you who are concerned about the kitty contingent, they’re absolutely fine.  Jumpy for some reason today but happy enough.  They disappear under the bed for a kip for most of the morning then choose a lap for the rest of the day.  Then the chase each other, cable ties, little mice for a bit and sleep again…  what a life!  We’ve just discovered crazysales.com.au (which allows us to use our British paypal money) and have purchased them an activity center.  When we were looking in the pet shops they were between $200-$350 (£130 – £198)  but they had one for $79  (£46) – with free delivery! SOLD! and just in budget with our remaining Paypal funds (phew).  They should get their new toy within 2-5 working days !

Right… I’ve bored you all to death now with mundane tales of what’s happening here in the colonies so i’ll leave you to it! 🙂

Back to work!


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