Back from our 2nd Obs Appointment

Ok so we’re back 🙂 The poor DR (Amita Singla) was running over an hour late after having to run to the hospital to help someone give birth… I guess that’s kind of her job… but I felt bad for her!  We just went down to the beach for a drink then home and returned in an hour.  Glad we live so close to the hospital 🙂

So,  results show that we are in the “low risk” category for  Down Syndrome and, as there is no “no risk” category, that’s very good 🙂  She also did another scan whilst we were there so we could hear the baby’s heart beat.  That was cool.  Her machine is a 3D scanner and she was trying to get the baby to look at her so she could show us its face…. Of course, being a Woodward/Clarke mix it refused to moved its head in the right direction so, instead we got a view of a nice 3D bottom and legs.  Its first flashing incident at just under 14 weeks! In fact, it was floating upside down, head firmly at the bottom, legs in the air, flopping around but refusing to look at us! She described it as a “very naughty baby” because it wouldn’t move as well as a “little pigeon with its head in the nest” lol Maybe next time! ?
My platelets have gone down to the mid 70s but she says she’s not worried unless they drop below 50. I’m doing another blood test for her this week and if they’ve dropped too far she’ll call me, other wise I have another blood test with my 19 week scan.  If the platelets do drop below 50 then she’ll start me on some medications (probably steroids – joy) to help bring them back up.  We’re not in that situation at the moment though. Everything is fine. :0)
Next appointment isn’t until mid August.  Will have a scan at 18 weeks and see her afterwards. Until then, I just keep carrying on :0)


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