Beginning to “feather the nest”

When you’re trying to decide what to pack  its inevitable that you look at all your belongings and wonder what’s worth leaving etc. We chose to take most of our stuff – including our sofa and to be honest, I’m really glad we did.  In truth, if we had to replace everything when we got here we would have quickly run out of money.  I read recently that white goods are more expensive in Australia than in the UK well I’ve just bought a rather large fridge and a washing machine and that wasn’t really my experience.  We went to “The Good Guys” where, if you pay cash, and buy more than one thing you can barter and save yourself money.  Now their definition of “cash” isn’t actually cash… they mean pay now rather than on one of their credit systems. Although, you have to remember that your Eftpos (switch) has a limit on it so, like us, you’ll probably end up paying for most of it by actual cash anyway!  It was great though, working with a friendly, smiley employee and watching the money get slashed off the prices!  Nice!  We also weren’t expecting the fabulous government incentive of a rebate on water efficient goods.  So, when we bought our “front loader” (or normal washing machine t you us Expats) we weren’t expecting to get $50 from Bosch and another $200 from SA water for being such responsible washing machine purchasers! (yay!) that means that our machine will have cost us $535 (£308) – That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me and it has a 2 year warranty.

We also bought ourselves a fridge freezer.  We wanted one that was 50/50 but they didn’t seem to have any like that so in the end we went for one with “french doors”.  That means that it’s wider and on the left side is the freezer and the right the fridge.  It has a lovely wine rack inside too (so I can keep my McClaren wines and Matt’s Boags nice and cool 🙂 Lovely!

We also bought an ironing board.  That was probably the most entertaining part.  Matt announced to the lovely (Irish born) iron expert that he had to do all his own ironing at which point she announced that” If his Mrs wasn’t going to look after him, this Mrs would!”  and promptly started demonstrating ironing boards.  In the end, on her advice,  he selected one which was designed for tall people.  It was extra long so that he can fit is long trouser legs on the board and iron them in one stroke – I can’t wait to see him ironing all of his trousers 😉 lol. I actually felt a bit guilty for the years of abuse I’d given him.  I mean fancy asking him to iron his own shirts 😉 The women in the shop declared that she “didn’t know what was wrong with young women today” apparently her daughter is also just as bad!  lol.  I tried to protest that we both worked full time but she had already fallen in love with Matt and was busy helping him to avoid getting a bad back.

We also brought home our “exarmy” 😉 futon today and bought some blue (Matt’s fav colour) sheets to tide us over for a few days whilst we wait for the rest of our stuff! Its all starting to come together now! 🙂  Yay!

By the way, the cats are having a great time in Melbourne.  I called the quarantine center yesterday and when I asked her how they were doing she started to giggle and said, “It says here that they’ve settle in really well.  They’re lively and full of energy”. I guess that means they’re climbing up the edge of their pen and bopping each other on the head! They’re released to me on Feb 6th 🙂


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