Best Mates in the world…

We were supposed to go camping this weekend but the weather was Crap!!! So instead we went to Cadbury world, had a balti, watched a film and then spent the day in a theme park. My mates are great and I’m not sure what life’s going to be like in oz without them!

Cadbury’s world highlights included, Dunk writing supercalifragilisticexpealidoucious in chocolate, Lof having fleas picked of him by a plastic man, Dunk kissing a plastic boy and LOF holding council with the chiefton.
I was amused at the tete a tetes which occured betwixt Dunk and Span – enough to entertain anyone and amazed at the effect that one small pot of melted chocolate with sweeties in can have on fully grown adults.

After wrestling with Dunk, and an umbrella he was threatening to poke little chocolate egg people with, I can say that he did behave himself this time and did not try and kidnap any creatures from the cadabra ride.

Today we went to Alton Towers, a few couldn’t make it (and were sadly missed) but we had a great time and picked a brilliant day. The park wasn’t rammed as usual (bad weather I guess) and most queues weren’t too bad at all!.

I’ve missed Dunk and his crazy ways and I’m very glad that he’s so very in love…. “Ni Ni would love this” “I’m just gonna call Ni Ni” etc all day – It’s very cute and she’s a lucky lady. lol – I just hope she can keep him under control 😉

In a long Queue for Oblivion I discovered Dunk and Greg are soul mates and that they can entertain each other for hours by asking and answering stupid questions that no- one else would think about let alone ask. For example: ” Is this queue two, three or Four dimensional? It definitely feels more than four dimensional it’s taking ages” followed by a long discussion about how the smallest distance can not be measured because maybe, just maybe, we can’t see the dimension in the smallest of distances, there could be mountiains or anything. Then they talked about gravity and the earth for ages until they noticed that only one of my eyes still remained open and I had gone into another dimension myself! LMAO. They are both a pair of girls too; screaming and swearing on a ride! Tut tut.

I also discovered that LOF, Dunk and Greg are secret historians who, despite reading a sign that said the ruins were CLOSED, decided to run riot through Alton Towers (the original building) until they got to the roof “We got to the flag and everything!” Apparently this jaunt was justified by the prescense of some French.

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  2. […] His lust for life with a little bit of craziness in it was always very obvious. When, one grey and boring Bank Holiday Monday, we decided to go to Cadbury World, Dunk not only got AS excited as me about the new Cabra ride,, he got over excited and just HAD to touch one.   Resulting in a stern voice shouting “Would the gentleman please keep his hand inside the car!”  (he was 26!) I still have this picture on my wall today!  Fun, fun , fun. […]


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