Black Hill Conservation Park – Adelaide – Summit Climb

Here’s the sensible bit at the start:  

It’s Sunday afternoon… time to go for a walk.  We like walking.  Putting on big, heavy socks and walking boots, packing 2.5 litres of water and a trusty Ozzy hat.  It’s nice to get out and see the animals in the trees whilst taking in the scenery of this pretty, pretty place. We often end up walking in the same locations, Morialta, for example is one of our favourites.  Just north of that lovely park is a place called Black Hill conservation park.  A place we had never explored before and as we were feeling adventurous this Sundayfelt like as good a day as any to get on out and walk that hill!

We set off, after a lovely (large) Sunday breakfast and decided that we would complete the “Summit walk” it’s only 2 /3 KM and it’s just a hill so that should be a nice easy stroll; perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Turns out that although Morialta is well looked after with benches and markers along the route Black Hill isn’t quite as well orgnaised.  Follow the track and when you get confused guess. No. We didn’t get lost we did make it up to top.  Unfortunately for us the “hill’s” summit is approximately half the height of Snowdon in about 2 km.  That’s right… an upward climb none stop for about an hour.

up, Up, UP!

What makes is worse is that the path is actually made of boulders and tiny rocks.  Those who know me will know that I have an irrational fear of slopes.  So much so that I was actually willing to pay nearly £4000 to have my driveway flattened in Fryer Rd. Slopes and me usually = slipping, falling and embarassment.  I don’t like them.  So imagine my great amusement when my Sunday walk turned into a Sunday climb.  Unlike in snowdon, there’s no way I’m putting my hands down on the rocks as I slope my way back down.  There were loads of lizards all over the place – god knows what else is hiding in the crevises or in the bushes 3 inches from my heels. Snakes?!!!!

For that same reason I have never climbed a steep slope in such effecient strides.  I avoided stopping to catch my breath incase something sllithered my way! LOL
It was a beautiful walk but not a relaxing one!

WOAH!!! Let's zoom down there on bikes!!Having said that Matt did get very excited when we got here. He instantly wanted to get on a mountain bike and zoom down it. lol.

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