Blood, planning and Affirmation.

This week saw the removal of 12 vials (sounds better than syringe i think) of my blood being removed for examination by the Borg (that’s Dr Borg to most). I was sooo tempted to ask whether resistance was futile but LOF told me to calm down. I took his advice. I suppose it is important to be a little more respectful to the man who is trying to look at how and why your chemical makeup works.
He wasn’t worried but his curiosity did result in a sheet covered in requests for blood tests. The nurse actual said “Dear god!” when I walked in and I left laughing my head off after having 12 samples removed. I did use it as a useful excuse to have a nice cream tea by the river before we returned home. Well, if you’re in Stratford…..
As well as that i was observed this week at school. I thought it was quite funny that they had chosen me to be observed when they know I won’t be there after Xmas anyway. Ah well. I have to plan my lessons well anyway so I might as well. Three people observed my lesson and, in the end, they gave me outstanding.
There are so many entries on this blog where i am disappointed in the way the observations have gone. This time I found all of the hoops and I can now leave the country having managed to leap through all of them. I got outstanding for every single element of my lesson. I’m so glad I won’t be in the country next time OFSTED knock on the door! I know they’d come and hunt me down!!
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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Don't forget K's comment – it is about time your outstanding teaching is recognised.
    So… you can't go to Oz now.
    MC x


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