Boag lives on

Oh yes he does and now he is level 15! After long battles over not being able to use a uk credit card, or a purchased time card LOF eventually just bought a copy of the game and was able to continue his account that way. As or Sarowith? She only has 1 day of play left and is currently at level 11. For those of you who think I’m mad.. you’re probably right!

Thank you also to Collette who sent LOF and I a lovely engagement card with a pressie inside. She is very naughty but we are appreciative! πŸ˜‰ and to Nan who sent us an Easter card which we received the other day. It’s always nice to receive little missives from the U.K. so thank you both very much.

Life this week has been a little mundane, thus the lack of interesting things to blog about. I have been working on my new website to promote what I’m up to in the way of ICT in Education and going to schools on pre-liminary meetings. I’ve been talking to lots of lovely primary school teachers about their experiences with IWB and have met several new whiteboard companies. Smart (or electroboard as they are called here) have agreed to give me trainer qualifications for free, I have already acquired “professional user status” with Activ board and am on my way to become a qualified trainer with them too (Which my boss at school will be pleased about because as long as the other qualified ACTIV person is still there when I get back that will make Shenley a “Promethean” school. I’m also meeting with Team Board next week where they’ll be giving me some training too! I’ve got in touch with a lovely man who brought his company over to OZ who is giving me all of his resources for free and this cool gadget to play with for a few weeks. ( It basically turns anything into an interactive whiteboard and is much cheaper than buying a board anyway…) It sounds great I think some schools I know in the U.K. would gladly buy a couple! (hint hint)

So, on the whole I am getting busier and by May I will be training people all over the shop for a tidy sum. So here’s hoping I stop feeling so bored and actually feel like I’m achieving something again!


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    preliminary is all one word.


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